Just a little intro…

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I’m going to be starting a series on all the things I wished I could have found information on when I began my self-publishing journey. I plan on covering all sorts of topics, from why to self-publish, photo basics on print vs. epub, what software you really need for a good layout and much more.

Throughout the series, I will share what I learned, where I found the knowledge and then what I actually used from all the info I gathered. I will never claim to know everything on these topics, but I’ve found that finding specific information for self-publishing patterns and pattern books is quite lacking. So I will focus on covering topics specific to this area, but if you have any interest in self-publishing, I think these articles will be able to help you as well.  I will be rolling these out periodically, so if you are interested in a certain topic that I haven’t covered yet (or one that you wish to see first since I haven’t actually posted any yet), leave me a comment below so I can post on it right away.

Next Topic: My Top Three Reasons I Self-Publish


Vintage Awesomeness

I’m a vintage crochet junkie. I love seeing all those crazy fashions and elaborate doilies of times past. I’m constantly trolling Ebay for magazines and books from past decades, and recently I got my hands on two whole decades (70s and 80s) of a craft magazine called The Workbasket.

The Workbasket is a do it all craft magazine. Each issue is chock full of crochet, knitting, sewing, canning, recipes and tons of ads. Though I originally snatched these up to check out the crochet patterns, I found myself being more drawn to the advertisments strewn all over the pages. They range from miracle diet cures (some things never change) to heartwarming yarn ads (see photo below).

I’ve decided to share some of the fun ads I’ve found starting with the ad below. I find that it’s not just the look of the ad that is fun to see, but also the way the ad is written. I’ve noticed that ads from the 70s are much more wordy. We usually see one pattern with the company name on a full page ad these days. Back then, most companies reached out for the emotional connection to the customer. The ad below is the best example of this I’ve found so far. It is from the 70s, and very touching.

I’ll be adding these ads as the weeks go on, so check back often for a new ones.

Vintage yarn ad1
Such a cute couple!

Back Up and Running

Whew! I finally got everything (well almost everything, my blog is highly disjointed at the moment) transferred over from my old site.

So why move everything you ask?

I finally came to grips with the fact that I am horrible at maintaining a website. I had one “fatal error” too many and cracked. keep-calm-and-fatal-error

I realized I was spending more time of fixing my broken website than working on patterns or keeping up my blog and wasn’t happy about it.

So I broke up with my old host, and got with a new one.

Now I’m in love with my new error free site. I can focus on making tutorials and patterns and new books and new bog posts and…

So what’s next?

Well, since it’s getting warm and no one wants to crochet a heavy blanket, I’m moving on to smaller lighter projects that will be introduced soon. A new book will hopefully be released within the next couple of months and I have  lots more free pattern workshops being made as I type.

I also will be bringing back my vintage awesomeness, all the old ones from the old site and lots of new ones I have yet to show you.

I’m going to begin a series on self publishing. All of the information I’ve learned through self publishing my patterns and books will be shared with anyone who is interested in doing the same. Though it will focus more on the photo-heavy pattern-centric type writing,  a lot of the information will work for anyone wanted to learn how to self publish on the various platforms available (Amazon, Pubit, iBooks, etc…).

So there is a lot going on and to make sure you don’t miss out on any of it, following the blog is a great idea and also signing up for my newsletter wouldn’t hurt (both links are found at the bottom of the page). Why should you sign up for both? The blog follow will let you know when I post new topics so if you are interested in self publishing, or vintage awesomeness, you’ll get a heads up every time something new is added.

My newsletter is a whole different can of worms. This is sent out usually when I have a new pattern or workshop that is available and almost always includes a discount for those new things (as much as 50% off). These great discounts aren’t advertised through the blog, only those signed up for the newsletter get the coupon codes.

So as always, if you have any request for tutorials leave them below in the comments and I’m always happy to answer questions on anything crochet related whether it’s in regards to my patterns or just crochet knowledge in general. And speaking of my patterns, if you haven’t already, go check out my new super elegant shop. I’m loving the theme and if you’ve previously signed up for my newsletter, don’t fret, the discount code you had included in it will work in the new shop. Yes, that’s right, when you sign up for the newsletter, you get an automatic discount to use on your first shopping expedition. So what are you waiting for? Get down there and sign up!

Hey Everyone!

I’m working extra hard and putting this site together so please forgive me if you are trying a link and it’s not working yet. I’m hoping to have everything sorted by the 31st (kind of have to because that is when my lease is up on my old site). I’ll give a better update as to why I’m moving my whole site and what you can expect from me in the very near future. You can also sign up below to follow the blog so you are notified when I’m all ready to go. Thanks for your patience.