Vintage Awesomeness

I’m a vintage crochet junkie. I love seeing all those crazy fashions and elaborate doilies of times past. I’m constantly trolling Ebay for magazines and books from past decades, and recently I got my hands on two whole decades (70s and 80s) of a craft magazine called The Workbasket.

The Workbasket is a do it all craft magazine. Each issue is chock full of crochet, knitting, sewing, canning, recipes and tons of ads. Though I originally snatched these up to check out the crochet patterns, I found myself being more drawn to the advertisments strewn all over the pages. They range from miracle diet cures (some things never change) to heartwarming yarn ads (see photo below).

I’ve decided to share some of the fun ads I’ve found starting with the ad below. I find that it’s not just the look of the ad that is fun to see, but also the way the ad is written. I’ve noticed that ads from the 70s are much more wordy. We usually see one pattern with the company name on a full page ad these days. Back then, most companies reached out for the emotional connection to the customer. The ad below is the best example of this I’ve found so far. It is from the 70s, and very touching.

I’ll be adding these ads as the weeks go on, so check back often for a new ones.

Vintage yarn ad1
Such a cute couple!

Questions or Comments? Let me know below.

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