Where are the new videos?

Funny story, I was making my husband some coffee (he drinks espresso) and when I went to release the pressure by opening the top where the water goes in, the escaping steam burned my thumb — my right hand thumb, the one that is most prominent in my videos. So what does that have to do with videos? Well, when I burned it, it swelled up, and now the skin is peeling off. It’s not horribly disfigured or anything, but it’s not pretty to see a close up of either. So I haven’t been able to make any new videos for the past couple of weeks.

So in the mean time, I’ve been getting all the old videos switched to left hand and I’ll be editing some new videos that I was saving for colder weather. So here is the next left hand updated video. Thanks for your patience!

One thought on “Where are the new videos?

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