Basics for Intarsia Crochet

After a seemingly never ending string of road trips during the holidays, I’m finally back and able to get to work on viewer request videos. Here is the first of many to come.

Learn the basics for Intarsia crochet with the video below. You’ll not only learn how to change colors and read an intarsia chart, but I’ll also give helpful tips on tools to use and the difference between Intarsia, Fair Isle, and Tapestry crochet. I’ll also be putting up a few more Intarsia videos that delve deeper into the technique.

Remember, if you have a request for a video, leave it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list; and be sure to follow the blog so you get the newest tutorials delivered right to your inbox.

2 thoughts on “Basics for Intarsia Crochet

  1. Wonderful tutorial, Deja. Helped me a lot. I have done one intarsia project and loved it. Of course I made my own rules as I went along because I’m a leftie. The chart is my biggest challenge and my bird is facing the opposite way-haha. No one has ever noticed. It is a potholder. Also didn’t have to worry about the back, just made a second plain side. Like your method very much.
    Ann Marie P.


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