My Own Roku Channel

Little box of fun!
Love my Roku!

A little update on my Roku availability.

I’ve now got my own channel. So if you have a Roku, or are thinking of getting one, you can add my channel and watch the videos right from your couch, bed, or wherever you put your Roku.

Check out this link to add my channel directly from the Roku website, or simply search “crochet ever after” right on the Roku to find me.

And remember, I take viewer requests, so if you have a stitch, or certain kind of pattern request, let me know and I will add you to the queue (it’s on the right if you want to see what’s being asked for right now).

12 thoughts on “My Own Roku Channel

  1. i was so happy to find you on Roku and am going to buy some yarn this weekend to try the double crochet beanie. Thank you so much for these wonderful patterns and tutorials.


  2. I was really excited to find you on the Roku channel – great tutorials! I had enjoyed using PlayMark to send the videos to the tv, but the Roku channel is even better and I plan to blog about your channel in the near future. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us.


  3. Congratulations. I have a Roku on three TV’s. Only one it the Roku 3, bought 4 Roku 3’s for Christmas presents. We all love them. I was watching you for about 3 hrs last night on that Roku Craft channel your on, but this will be really nice to find you easier. Thanks.


      1. Those little stick Roku’s don’t have all the channels that the #3 has. Make sure it will carry the ones you want to watch. They have a comparison between them.


  4. Wow! I DO have a Roku….how exciting! As soon as my husband is finished watching his movie I will be checking it out….this is great, congrats!


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