April 2014 Knit Crate Reveal ~ Pattern Giveaway


Knit Crate Int/Adv Knitter April 2014
Knit Crate Int/Adv Knitter April 2014

The newest Knit Crate is here. Read on to see what’s inside, or turn away if you haven’t received yours yet. However, if you turn away, you’ll miss out on a new giveaway. See more about that below.

Sneak Peek
Sneak Peek

My goodies this month include something I’ve wanted forever so I’m especially excited about this haul.

First the Goodies
First the Goodies

As usual, Knit Crate has chosen a beautiful knit pattern to offer us.

It is the New Market Shawl by Kristi Johnson ($6.00 value)

The beautiful edging on this triangle shawl is what makes it stand out. Read on below to find out how you can win the promo code to download this pattern for yourself.

The card also includes some promo codes:

One for a free pattern of your choice from Hannah Fettig on Ravelry ($2+ value depending on pattern chosen.)

And free Minis with purchase of mini grab bags on Knit Crate. (approx. $10 to $20 value)

What’s a mini you ask? Knit Crate describes them as:

  • All KnitCrate Minis have approximately 30 yds of premium yarn in each mini skein
  • Each KnitCrate Mini package will contain 5 or 10 mini skeins depending on your chosen grab bag
  • All KnitCrate Minis are premium yarns that are hand painted / indie dyed mini skeins
  • Each KnitCrate Mini is individually labelled with the colorway and other pertinent information

They are perfect for working granny squares or other motifs.

Our next item in the Crate is the “Soothing Extra”: Caveman Cookies ($2.85 for three cookies)

These cookies are made without grain or dairy. They are great for anyone on the Paleo diet (where you eat only things you can get from nature, like a Caveman would).

As for the flavor of the cookies. You can definitely tell they are not like traditional cookies that use flour and eggs, but they are moist and the spices (ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon) really give the cookie a nice flavor. Though they are almost a dollar a cookie, it is really difficult to eat more than one in a sitting. They are very dense (like a brownie) and filling, so a package could last quite a while.

This is my favorite thing in the Crate.
This is my favorite thing in the Crate.

Now for the item I’ve been wanting for a long time.

This fun extra is a Wraps Per Inch Tool, or WPI tool with a Knit-Kard by Nancy’s Knit Knacks ($9.99 value)

Not only is the WPI Tool something I have wanted for a while, but discovering Nancy’s Knit Knacks website was a real treat. I am bookmarking it as I write this. The website has wonderful quality knit and crochet tools as well as some really inventive things I’ve never seen before.

But back to the WPI tool. This tool is used to figure out the weight of any yarn. You can watch the video below to see my explanation on how it works.

As for what a regular crocheter can use it for, it has a great use for mystery yarn. Those half skeins you’ve lost the label for can now be identified as a worsted or aran weight with this tool. This can help when you want to use it for a certain pattern and can’t remember what weight that yarn was.

It can also help with yarns that don’t give weights on their label. This can happen with independent yarn. It might give you a knit gauge, which we know is not very helpful for us crocheters, but no actual weight. This tool can be used to find the weight of the yarn so we can choose our hooks or patterns better for the yarn.

Such a pretty color.
Such a pretty color.

The yarn this month will actually put my WPI tool to use.

It is a beautiful Teal Blue from Shalimar Yarns called Haven. (approx $25 to $30 a hank)

Though the label doesn’t tell me, I believe it is a medium worsted weight. It has a generous 247 yards per hank so it’s great for a scarf or shawl. The yarn is 63% merino wool and 37% tussah silk and is beautifully hand painted. I’ve got plans for it already.

I’ll be using my WPI tool to get a definite weight on it, so stay tuned for a yarn review and a specific video on using the WPI tool.

As always the folks at Knit Crate did a wonderful job at sending items that are beautiful and useful and helping me to discover some really great brands.

Now for the giveaway.

I’ll be giving away my promo code, as I often do, for the Knit New Market Shawl by Kristi Johnson.

I will also be giving away a copy of my Portola Lace Shawl for all of us crochet only folks.

Perfect for the warm weather coming up.
Perfect for the warm weather coming up.

How to Enter

Leave a comment in this post letting me know if you are a knitter or crocheter (so you win the correct pattern) and what is your favorite shape of shawl (rectangle, triangle, etc…)

Entries open until Friday April 25th, 2014 midnight  Pacific time. Then I’ll announce the winners (one for each) the next day.

Don’t miss out on any of these great giveaways and promos, follow the blog now and check out the video reveal below.

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30 thoughts on “April 2014 Knit Crate Reveal ~ Pattern Giveaway

  1. Hello, nice review of this month’s Knitcrate. I’m a knitter and prefer the rectangle shapes. I also plan to do a review of my Indie crate on my newly started blog. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.


  2. I am both a knitter and crocheter. I do more knitting these days and I love the triangular shawl shape (though I will do others on occasion). How nice of you to offer your pattern. Just signed up to get your blog notifications!


  3. I’m both a knitter and a crocheter, but a true crocheter by heart. I am working on crocheting a triangular shawl made with Paton’s Lace Yarn and a pattern by DROPS design. I tend to mix and match quality yarns and patterns with lower quality yarns and patterns. I am on a fixed income and do what I must, but I love your packages! I’m sorry I missed April’s Knit Crate! I’ve been wanting the WPI tool for a while now. 🙂


  4. I’m a knitter and I’m on a shawl binge! I’m working on a triangular shawl right now, but have a couple of rectangular ones that I love in my collection.


  5. I would love,love, love to knit this beautiful ensemble of one of my favorite indie dyers, Shalimar Yarns and an intriguing shawl pattern. I will keep my fingers crossed! Thanks Knitcrate.


  6. I’m a knitter! I’m leaning towards crescent shaped shawls these days, but I knit (and love!) all shapes and sizes: rectangle, triangle, circle, half-circle, crescent…. Thank you for the chance to win!


  7. I am bi-craftual! lol! I do knitting and crocheting. I just love shawls and don’t really have a favorite shape but I like to venture past the triangle shawls that seem to be most common and have make different shapes.


  8. I knit and crochet! Although I will admit to being a novice at both so either pattern will give me a challenge! Thanks Deja!


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