New Yarnbox… It’s So Colorful!

It's here, with lots of goodies!
It’s here, with lots of goodies!

I’m not sure I can call this just a yarnbox anymore.

The last two months, the folks at this great company have been adding in some fun extras.

This month has the most yet.

Read on to see what I mean.

Look at all this stuff!
Look at all this stuff!

Designer Trading Cards

Cards and more... galore.
Cards and more… galore.

This month not only did we get two fabulous free patterns from the featured designers, but we also got extras from Soak, Potluck yarns, and Artisan Yarns. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Featured designer Taylor Tengelson gave us the Feet Retreat sock pattern (it’s crochet) as a freebie and 25% off all her other patterns in her Ravelry shop. ($4+ value)
  2. Featured designer Jessica Larson gave us the Emita cowl as a freebie and 25% off all her other patterns in her Ravelry shop. ($4+ value)
  3. Artisan Yarns gave us a 15% off coupon code for use in their online store.  (various value)
  4. Potluck Yarn gave us a coupon code for a single free pattern from their store. ($5 value)
  5. Potluck also included a bookmark that introduces us to The Broken Circle, Book One of The Potluck Trilogy.  So not only does Potluck make yarn and patterns, but they also write books. Very cool.
  6. Soak gave us a free travel size bit of their fabulous wash. If you’ve never used Soak, I highly recommend it. I use it for all of my hand washables and for blocking my projects. It is very gentle and doesn’t need to be washed out. I’m excited to try the scentless since I have a huge bottle of the scented version (lasts forever).

So as you can see, we’ve received more than ever this month and I haven’t even gotten to the yarn.

The Yarn

Can't wait to see it stripe up.
Can’t wait to see it stripe up.

The yarn this month is a colorful hand-painted, self-striping, 100% superwash merino sock yarn (what a mouthful!) from Cherry Tree Hill Yarn. ($24 a hank value)

It’s called Fingerpaints and the colorway I received is Cider House. It has just about every color in the rainbow and the pictures don’t do it justice.

Each hank contains 420 yards so I can’t wait to try to crochet some socks with this and see how well it stripes with single crochet. Of course I will share my results with everyone so you won’t be left in suspense.

Do you get a Yarnbox this month? What was inside? Let us know below. And check out the video reveal below if you want to see more of the yarn.



Want To Try Amigurumi?

A viewer requested an amigurumi tutorial. So I thought, “What better way to learn amigurumi, than by making an actual project?”

Hence, my newest tutorial.

Tessa The Turtle

Here's Tessa!!
Here’s Tessa!!

Tessa has been around for awhile as a paid pattern on a couple of the sites I sell on, but now I’m offering her up for everyone to try out for free.

She is a really fun and fast way to try out amigurumi.

What is amigurumi exactly?

It’s basically a  Japanese word that means crochet (or knit) stuffed animals.

Making Tessa you’ll learn about all these amigurumi related topics:

  • Shaping pieces with increases and decreases.
  • Different methods of stuffing amigurumis.
  • How to put in safety eyes.
  • How to sew your pieces together.

So head over here to download the pattern and watch the video tutorial now!

Lefties click here.


Kitty Scissors Winner

Embed from Getty Images



The randomly selected winner is Kelli B. who left this comment:

I like dogs the best, but hedgehogs are pretty cute!


Remember there is still another week left to enter to win the knit and crochet combos, so be sure to enter.

And follow the blog so you don’t miss out on all the upcoming giveaways (I’ve got some really cute stuff coming.)

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4 Strands? Whaaaaaat? How To Work With Multiple Strands

Lots of yarn!!
Lots of yarn!!

The Owl Basket pattern above uses four strands of bulky yarn at once to make huge stiff stitches. I’ve had a couple of requests on the best way to crochet like this, so I made a video.

The tutorial below will show you not only how to work with multiple strands of yarn, but will help those wanting their Owl Basket to be as stiff as possible.  It also gives some other reasons why you might want to work with multiple yarns in your own projects. So watch on!

KnitCrate Reveal and More Giveaways!

What will it be today?
What will it be today?

New KnitCrates!!

Awesome stuff inside!!

Turn back now if you haven’t received yours yet!!

For the rest of you, here we go:

Yes, 3 full hanks this month!
Yes, 3 full hanks this month!

This month’s KnitCrate has made very happy.

Not only did they fill my bag with my favorite yarn colors, but they made my life so much easier!

They now list on their insert card what the value of everything included is. Makes my life so much easier. I used to have to go look it all up myself, now I can get the reveal out to you so much faster. So let’s dig in.

Free Patterns

2 Patterns this month!
2 Patterns this month!

KnitCrate gave us 2 patterns this month and they will be included in the giveaway that I will go into more detail down below. (value $13 for both)

These beautiful knit patterns are the kind that make me want to learn to knit better.

Promo Codes this month

The card also includes three promo codes that have various values depending on what you order from them. As always I don’t put the actual promo codes here because that would be wrong. I just let you know what you can look forward to if you were to subscribe.

  1. Buy 1 get 1 free from Mindy Wilkes.
  2. Spend $50 and get $10 or spend $100 get $25 off in the KnitCrate shop.
  3. Get any 3 patterns for $6 from Heidi Nick.

Great promo codes, especially the KnitCrate one. If you haven’t checked out their shop, you are missing out. They have so many kits, yarns, and notions available, they are like a whole yarn store.

Sweet Extra

Only 120 calories in the whole bag.
Only 120 calories in the whole bag.

This month we got a huge bag of Brownie Brittle by Sheila G. ($3 value)

They have all natural ingredients and even though I’m not a fan of chocolate (lost the taste for it many years ago — lucky me), I do love me some toffee and brownies. This was so good, I was glad it was only 120 calories a bag. You feel gluttonous without the guilt.

Fun Extra

Awesome extra!
Awesome extra!

Check out these Kollage Square Circular Knitting Needles. (value $17)

 These are designed to be ergonomically suited to your hands for decreased stress and strain to enable you to knit faster with uniform stitches.

I’ve always heard about square needles and wondered how well they work.

One of you lucky readers will get to find out. These are apart of the giveaway. So once you win you will have to let me know how you like them.

Check below for more info on entering.

Yarn Time

How did they know my favorite colors?
How did they know my favorite colors?

The yarn this month is 3 full hanks of Riveting Sport by Kollage. ($49 value for all)

Not only are these my two favorite colors, but I also got over 1000 yards of it. Each hank holds 350 yards of 100% recycled blue jean yarn. It’s mostly cotton (95% cotton, 5% other) and as soft as your favorite pair of jeans.

As will all the KnitCrate yarn, I have never used this yarn before so I’m very excited to try it out.

Giveaway Time

So for the knitter you will win the square Kollage Knitting Needles and the promo code for the two shawls included in the KnitCrate this month.

For the crocheter, I’m going to send you one of my favorite hooks:

The Clover Amour Crochet Hook, Size J, 6.0mm and a copy of my Verdant Shawl Pattern.

How to Enter

Leave a comment at the bottom of this post whether you prefer the knit prize or crochet prize and what is your favorite thing to knit/crochet during the summer.

Entries close Saturday, May 31st, 2014.  One winner from each art will be chosen and announced Sunday, June 1st, 2014. Open to US residents only.

Check out this short video reveal to see how big the brownie brittle bag really is.




50% Off Chevron Beanies For All!!

Make them 2 Ways!!
Make them 2 Ways!!

These Chevron Beanies are a great way to use your imagination and leftover stash.

Using the instructions and your creativity you can create tons of different color and pattern combinations to personalize your beanies for all your friends.

The pattern includes the regular and slouchy instructions in four sizes to fit heads from 15″ to 22″ circumference.

The pattern includes step-by-step photo tutorials for techniques used for working chevrons in the round.

Plus you will receive a link to a pattern exclusive video tutorial that will show you all the techniques as well.

Can you tell I’m obsessed with chevrons right now? How to Get the Discount.

Use promo code: Chev50 at checkout to receive discount.*

Offer good until Sunday, May 25th 2014 midnight Pacific time.

Win A Pair Of The Cutest Scissors Ever

Win me!
Win me!

How cute are these HiyaHiya Kitty Snips?

I’ve been using these for a few weeks now and I absolutely love them!

The small size and hanging loop make them a perfect travel pair of scissors, yet they are strong and sharp enough to give me clean cuts on my yarn.

Now you can own a pair as well. I’m giving away a pair to one lucky reader.

How To Enter

Leave me a comment at the bottom of this post telling me your favorite animal.

Only one entry per person please. Entries will close Sunday May 25th, 2014 midnight Pacific time.
The winner will be announced on Monday the 26th.

I Need Some Now!!

If you simply can’t wait you can go purchase the snips right here.

And be sure to follow the blog so you never miss out on all this fun!

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A Free Pattern For A Good Cause

Make one for yourself and one for someone in need.
Make one for yourself and one for someone in need.

I received a request by a wonderful gal named Jennifer who works with the You Are Not Alone Cancer Comfort Ministry. They deliver packages to cancer patients that give comfort to the body, mind and soul. Read more about the mission and care packages they give out by visiting their website.


Jennifer had asked me to make a video tutorial for a pattern she uses for the beanies she donates, but she needed it for an absolute beginner. You see, she has lots of friends who want to donate, but don’t know how to crochet.

So I gladly helped out and made a super detailed video.

This tutorial is perfect for the person who has never crocheted. It takes all the stitches extremely slow and walks you through every pattern instruction.

The pattern was supplied by Jennifer, and I just supplied the instruction.

Feel free to use this pattern to make beanies for anyone you like, but consider sending at least one to the Cancer Comfort Ministry. You can send them directly to:

You Are Not Alone Comfort Ministry
Attn: John Gronnel
30151 Avenida de las Banderas, Suite 100
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

or visit their website and see how you can help out in other ways as well.

P.S. You don’t have to send just this beanie, you can make any of your favorite patterns and send them to the Comfort Ministry.

Click here to download the pattern and watch the video.

Lefties click here.


How To Get Back On Track When A Mistake Happens In Foundation Single Crochet

A viewer had requested a video that showed how to get back on track once a mistake is made in foundation single crochet. She asked and I delivered.

The video below explains the two parts of the foundation single crochet and how to count your stitches when working it. That way a mistake can easily be frogged out without having to start your whole FSC over again.

Do you have a viewer request? Let me know below (in the comments, or contact me directly) and I’ll add you to the queue.