It’s Time For Another Free Pattern

Unisex Arm Warmers
Unisex Arm Warmers

Here is my newest free pattern to share with everyone.

These arm warmers are great for a man or woman. I made these out of some of my yarn subscription yarn and it didn’t even take a whole hank.

So tomorrow, I’m going to be posting a giveaway with the other hank I received so one of you guys can win it! Be sure to check back or better yet subscribe to the blog and get an email when the contest is live.

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But back to the pattern.

This is a very easy one stitch repeat. The video tutorial will also show you a trick on how to keep your arm warmers the same size in case you are anything like me and are constantly making one smaller than the other.

I also did a review of the yarn I used so you can check out that video below and get a sneak peek of what you can win.

Click here to go download the pattern and watch the tutorial.

Lefties click here.

4 thoughts on “It’s Time For Another Free Pattern

  1. Those are so pretty!! By the way….thank you for helping me get my shop on my menu! It was so easy!! Lol…..I appreciate your help! Sandy


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