Win A Hank of Phydeaux Designs Caresse Yarn ($24 Value)

Win me!
Win me!

The newest giveaway is here. This is the yarn I used for the free unisex arm warmers pattern I posted yesterday. One hank of this yarn is plenty for the arm warmers.

It’s a beautiful merino, cashmere, nylon blended worsted weight yarn, and now it can be yours.

Win your own hank of Phydeaux Designs Caresse Yarn in colorway Stormy.

How to Enter

Leave me a comment in this post of your go-to color that you can never seem to pass up when at the yarn store. You may have 20 skeins of this same color at home, but you still grab another.

Entries close on Saturday, June 21, 2014 midnight Pacific time. The winner will be announced Sunday, June 22, 2014. US residents only please. 

191 thoughts on “Win A Hank of Phydeaux Designs Caresse Yarn ($24 Value)

  1. I can’t pass up BLUE! I love color, period! Sometimes I’m in the mood for bright, bold colors. But I also really like items crocheted in more subtle pastels.


  2. My go to color is different shades of beige to brown. I love all of them just bought a tweedy brown to make a diaper cover for my soon to be born grandson!!


  3. My go to colour is PURPLE! Any purple. Especially a variegated with purple, preferably the main colour. Purple, purple, PURPLE!
    Just found you. Where have you been all my life. This is absolutely the best site for crochet. I’ve been crocheting for 50 years. (I’m 54) Your tutorials are perfect. I believe my friends 8 and 9 year old girls could even do them. The young one’s crazy for Pom Poms, can’t wait to show her. Thanks for being you. Special thanks to your husband for serving our country. Best wishes.


  4. I cannot pass up blue; it’s the color I always gravitate to in the store and definitely is the color I have most of in my stash.


  5. Red will get me every time. Whenever I’m looking at yummy yarns of any kind, I end up with the reds, even if I am supposed to be looking at something entirely different.


  6. Definitely autumn colors. Reds, golds, browns. I have so many skeins and finished garments in this color scheme, its ridiculous. But I could still buy more tomorrow!


  7. Because of the popularity of boot cuffs, I always grab a skein of Vanna’s Choice “oatmeal”. It’s the perfect specked blend for those!


  8. I always reach for the blues and greens… They remind me of the beach. Living in the Midwest doesn’t make it any easier lol 🙂


  9. I really go for yarns that have purples, blues and greens even for the men in my family and friend circles. I do like gradual changes in grays and browns though


  10. I love teal, blue and varigated colors of green. For the men in my life I always head for shades of grey with a pop of maroon!


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