Is Soak’s Scentless Wash Really Scentless?

Soak Scentless Single Serving Packet
Soak Scentless Single Serving Packet

The fast answer — yes it is!

I received a single serving packet of Soak Scentless Wash with my Yarnbox subscription.

I wanted to try it out since I am usually very sensitive to strong smells. Even some “scentless” products that use a scent to get rid of whatever chemical they are trying to cover up will make me sneeze.

I was already a fan of Soak’s product. They are my go to blocking wash. So I knew this would work well, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Once this was put in the water I was going to block with, I couldn’t make out any smell at all.

It was truly scentless.

I imagine this will be a great product for anyone with sensitive skin as well.

Has anyone else given this a try? If you have sensitive skin, let us know what you think below.

You can check out a video of me trying out the soak on a project below as well.

2 thoughts on “Is Soak’s Scentless Wash Really Scentless?

  1. Deja, I ordered some soak scentless and a sample variety pk. I’m making baby hats and want to wash them in soak, cause it sounds so natural. I was looking for the 10% off code but couldn’t find it. Is the code something you/me could win along with the other things you got from your Yarnbox? Anyway I already ordered so to late. So sign me up for the other drawing or remind me again what I’m to do.
    Love your videos, watch on YouTube on Roku, thanks.


    1. Hi there, I forgot to mention ( I try to do it on all the yarn subscription reviews) that I let you know what promo codes are included but don’t actually give out the promo codes since they are technically for the paying customers. I just tell the value so everyone knows what a great deal the yarnbox is. 🙂


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