Yarnbox July 2014 Reveal

My Yarnbox is here. Read on to see what I got.

Yarnbox time
Yarnbox time

Designer Trading Cards

The two designers this month very talented and the free patterns are just fantastic.


Love the simplicity of this shawl.
Love the simplicity of this shawl.

Kati Mohr gave us this beautiful free Shawl Pattern called Marilla ($6 value)


Love all the lace!
Love all the lace!

Sandra Paul gives us the Quite Contrary Shawl ($5 value)

I’m loving all of her whimsical sweet patterns.


The Yarn

Love the color!
Love the color!

I received two hanks of the Unique Chic Studio Airy yarn in Caribbean Blue ($46 value)

These are super large hanks of lace weight yarn. A whole 1000 yards come in each one.

Made of 80% Tussah Silk and 20% merino wool this is a perfect yarn for a lace work shawl. It’s soft and has a nice ply so the pilling should be minimum. I already have an idea of what I will make with it.

Since it’s lace weight, it will probably be awhile before you see the finished project. If you’ve never worked with lace yarn, remember a lace weight shawl is like making a worsted weight blanket. Same yardage, just a different thickness. But lace weight where I live (average 110 degrees everyday) is a much better choice in the summer.

See some more of the patterns by the designers and more views of the yarn with the video reveal below.



4 thoughts on “Yarnbox July 2014 Reveal

  1. Hi !! Im a yarnbox subscriber and I thought I would let you know that the Airy yarn label is a misprint, it us 80% merino and 20% Tussah Silk. Not sure what happened but all the labels say the wrong thing.
    Thsnks, Lori


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