New Free Pattern Time! Broomstick Lace Shawl

I recently made a Broomstick lace tutorial, but wanted to give you a pattern to go with it. Here is the Broomstick Lace Shawl. It is a pretty easy shawl once you pick up the broomstick part. It’s great for anytime of year and drapes so well you can wear it like a scarf too.

Spoiler alert: A new giveaway will be up tomorrow, and from the pictures above and the beginning of the tutorial video will give you some hints as to what it is. Be sure to follow the blog if you’re not already, so you get first notice when the giveaway gets posted.

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Check out the free pattern video tutorial here.

Lefties click here.


6 thoughts on “New Free Pattern Time! Broomstick Lace Shawl

  1. I ejoyed your Broomsticklace tutorial on you tube. I have wanted to learn this for a long time. There are a few patterns in Interweave Crochet that I would like to try. But first I want to the the Lace Shawl. Thank you for your explicit tutorial.
    Anita Crane


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