Newest Giveaway ~ Cutest Tape Measure You’ll Find

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How cute is this tape measure? Check your gauge with this clever and useful tool.

I found it on Amazon and couldn’t resist getting myself one. I also got an extra for one lucky reader. Read on to see how to enter. If simply cannot wait and need one know you can check them out here. They come in other colors too.

How To Enter

In the comments below, let me know what your favorite bug is, or what bug do you love to hate? Either way, share to win.*

*Contest open to US residents only (sorry.) Entries accepted until November 30th, 2014 midnight Pacific time. The winner will be chosen and announced Dec. 1st, 2014.

99 thoughts on “Newest Giveaway ~ Cutest Tape Measure You’ll Find

  1. i love ladybugs πŸ™‚ my mother always used to call me her little lady bug because i was so good as a child. my sister was super hyper so she was a bumble bee to my mom:)


  2. I always played with ants as a kid. They were the only insects that I wasn’t afraid of touching and I loved to watch them go about their business.


  3. I’ve always loved Praying Mantis! Just a graceful thing! Years ago, some layed eggs on our back porch and we had TONS of them! Great for the garden! I’d have one sitting on my finger and they’d turn those tiny heads when I talked to them….So graceful!


  4. i love to hate those jumping crickets ugh… my cats love hunting them though. as for bugs i like … maybe fuzzy caterpillars and lightning bugs πŸ™‚


  5. I love the praying mantis! Last week I saw one outside the door of the church I attend, trying to come in! They always remind me of what I need to be doing πŸ˜ŠπŸ™!


  6. I have 2 favorites, I love dragonflies, we have many in our yard and they always fly around our pool, they will even land on our fingers, my youngest son and my granddaughter get so excited to have them be so friendly. I also love ladybugs, and my son (10) and my granddaughter (5) look for them, when we see one we just have to sing the ladybug song.


  7. My favorite bug is the butterfly! I love the many beautiful colors and patterns of their wings and watching them flutter from one flower to another. And how silent they are when they fly!


  8. There are so many bugs/insects that I love. My Dad called me “Doodle Bug”. My name is means “The Bee”. I love watching a sweat bee on my finger. I love the sound of crickets in the summer. But you can take mosquitoes and gnats to the far reaches of the earth and leave them there!


  9. My favorite bug is the firefly. We used to have so much fun chasing them as kids and I still love to watch them flitting through the trees on a dark night. God’s Christmas lights!


  10. I prefer ladybugs. They don’t bite or sting and are pretty to look at. I think that is the one bug that the grandchildren are not afraid of.


  11. I love butterflies, lady bugs, and dragonflies. Slugs are totally GROSS!!! Snails are cute!! Especially when made into a tape measure!😍


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