Congrats To The Winner Of The Yarnista Desk Calendar


Congrats to Annehaun who won the Yarnista Desk Calendar with the following comment:

My favorite month is September – love the fall weather, changing leaves and crisp feel in the air.

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Free Learn A Stitch Washcloth ~ My Present To You.

Mini Shell Washcloth
Mini Shell Washcloth

Here is the 3rd Learn A Stitch Washcloth.

This one is called the Mini Shell because the super simple pattern repeat makes these cute little shells throughout.

I also happened upon a cool new edging that is really fun to do. It gives a crab stitch (AKA reverse single crochet) look, but thinner and you don’ t have to work backwards.

Check out the pattern and video here.

Lefties click here.


Winner Of The Needle Keeper

Congrats to Katherine who won the “Magic Wand” Needle Keeper with the following comment:

Thanks for the reviews! I’m considering a subscription and this was super helpful. 😀

As for my last project — a Stephen West hat, named Precocious Briocheous, that was my first time using brioche stitch! Lots of fun, and very very warm. I did manage to lose a couple stitches after throwing it (while still on needles) in my bag. I recovered though, phew.

There are still two other giveaways happening here and here. Check them out and enter to win, and be sure to follow the blog. I have a yarn giveaway coming up very soon!

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Newest Knitcrate ~ Win the Included Knit Patterns $12 Value

I received my December Knitcrate and as always, they did not disappoint. The new format for the reveal is that everything, including the price of each item, is revealed on the video below. Then the most important part — the giveaway, is below that.

Did you get a Knitcrate this month? How did you like it, did you get the same items as me? Let us know below.



kc2I’m giving away the two patterns included in my Knitcrate this month to one lucky reader.  The Bells & Beads Stole and “I Mean Business” Pocket Scarf Patterns by Le Tissier Designs includes these two cute patterns pictured.. Both can be yours by leaving a comment below about anything you want. *

*Offer good to anyone living anywhere (yay!). Entries accepted until December 31st, 2014. Winner will be chosen and announced Jan. 1st, 2015. The promo code for the two patterns will be emailed to the winner. 

Just Got This New Blocking Mat

I wanted to share with you a little video review of this new blocking mat I just bought. It’s called the Block and Roll by Bag Smith.

I first saw it at the Stitches West show a few years back and was intrigued with it. I like it’s portability and size, but the cost was a little high. I finally took the plunge and bought it and I’m very glad I did. I go more into what I like about it in the video below.

Do you have a Block and Roll? How do you like it, how well is it holding up? I’d love to hear below.

New Snowflake Motif and Another Giveaway

Snowflake 2 Motif
Snowflake 2 Motif

I’m starting a new tradition for my December motif of the month. I’ve decided to do a different snowflake each year. So here is the 2nd in the series. You can check out the pattern and video tutorial here.

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Giveaway Time




I found these cute little desktop calendars a few weeks back. It has a yarn quote for each day of the year. I bought one for myself, and an extra for one of you. Leave a comment below letting us know your favorite month of the year to be entered.*

You can check out more of the calendar here.

*US residents only please. Entries accepted until Dec. 28th, 2014 midnight Pacific time. Winner will be chosen and announced Dec. 29th, 2014.

A Couple of Reveals And A Giveaway

I got a little behind with the holidays, but also wanted to try something new. So instead of full blog posts of the values of all the items in my yarn subscriptions that I receivedlast month, I made up two videos with the breakdowns already included.

My first is from Yarnbox. It is the November 2014 box. I got some really nice yarn from New Zealand (spoiler alert: more possum yarn.)


The second is from Knitcrate. It is the November 2014 Int/Adv Knitter crate. It had an awesome scarf in a scarf kit and a item that I’m giving away below, so be sure to head below the video for that.


Needle Keeper
Needle Keeper


This guy is made for storing your circular knitting needles while working on a project. The video goes more into what it does, but it’s a great tool for your knitting bag. It can be yours by leaving a little comment below on what your last finished project was.*

*US residents only please. Entries accepted until Dec. 21st, 2014 midnight Pacific time. I’ll announce the winner on Monday, Dec. 22nd, 2014

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Winner Of The Snail Tape Measure

Congrats to Dianne M. who won the snail tape measure with the following comment:

I have 2 favorites, I love dragonflies, we have many in our yard and they always fly around our pool, they will even land on our fingers, my youngest son and my granddaughter get so excited to have them be so friendly. I also love ladybugs, and my son (10) and my granddaughter (5) look for them, when we see one we just have to sing the ladybug song.

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