Hearts Abound Gets A Mate




These mitts go with the Heart Abound Beanie pattern and are a super cute way to show some love.

A fast pattern, you can make a pair of these in a weekend.

The pattern comes in three sizes to fit most women’s hands.
(All measured around the palm right below where fingers meet.
Small Mitts: 7.5” around x 6.5 tall
Medium Mitts: 8” around x 7” tall
Large Mitts: 8.5” around x 7.5 tall



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9 thoughts on “Hearts Abound Gets A Mate

  1. How do I make this a little bit smaller, a bit more snug? I just made this beanie for my adult son and he loves it. I was so happy, as it’s the first time I’ve crocheted in many years. It wasn’t very snug on him to start, but after wearing a few times it stretched out. I told him to wash it in warm water and block it to try and make it back to its original size. I’m going to make another for St Paddy’s Day, but I want to make it fit a bit tighter. Thanks for your great video! You really make it so easy to follow!


      1. Sorry. I realize I commented on wrong post, I meant to comment on the men’s beanie post. I’m using 100% acrylic Redheart 4.


      2. I’m surprised that the acrylic stretched that much. I’m not sure why that happened. Using a yarn with some wool in it will help it keep the shape better. You could also try using one hook smaller so it won’t stretch as much. If it is a little snug to begin with, blocking will help it stretch a bit.


      3. Thanks for such a quick reply. I’ll try that with my next beanie. I was thinking maybe I could reduce the number of stitches in each round. I’ll play around with it. Thanks so much for inspiring me back into crocheting with such an easy project!


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