On Stands Now

If you wanted to try a more simple shape version of my owl basket, now is the time.

My Owl Basket is in the newest Fall/Winter 2015 Better Homes And Gardens Make it Yourself magazine now.

Plus there are 75+ other adorable projects in there to try as well.  I’m off to try my first Monkey’s Fist Knot now (it’s in the magazine.)

7 thoughts on “On Stands Now

  1. Hi Deja,
    Congrats on getting your pattern in BHG. 🙂 I only saw this now, and am afraid I’m too late to find the magazine anywhere. Is the smaller owl pattern available elsewhere?
    I bought the pattern for the regular owl basket and made it for a friend – she loved it! The pattern instructions and tutorials were easy to follow and a total lifesaver. Thank you!


  2. Hello,
    I am trying to find your swirl pattern but can’t seem to find it. I have a week to finish my baby blanket that has the swirl. Can you please help me?
    Many thanks,


    How does THAT feel?
    I’m very excited for you, for all of us really. I can point to the COVER on my coffee table and say, “I know her”. Sort of, snicker.


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