Learn the Waffle Weave Stitch While Making A Cute Baby Blanket

Waffle Weave Baby Blanket
Waffle Weave Baby Blanket

This baby blanket is made with a sometimes hard to learn waffle weave stitch.

It’s actually a very easy stitch, but learning it from a book can be difficult, so I made a video and added a free pattern to get you going.

This pattern is easy to customize to any size bed so don’t think it’s just for babies.

The “double thickness” of the waffle weave is super warm and surprisingly soft and squishy.

Download the pattern and watch the free video tutorial here.

Lefties click here.

9 thoughts on “Learn the Waffle Weave Stitch While Making A Cute Baby Blanket

  1. Thank you SO much for this pattern and video! I’m really going to enjoy making it for my granddaughter! Blessings to you & yours and Happy New Year!


      1. I have found it….but can barely hear you on the video. I even tried it with headphones and I still can hardly hear you.


      2. So I was reading through some help forums and I’m wondering if the sounds starts off fine and then lowers when you are watching it? There seems to be a problem with videos doing this and youtube is working on fixing this. Let me know if it low the whole time or if it starts out fine then gets low. Also they say the current fix for this is to pause the video and then restart it back up and that should put the volume back to normal.


      3. The sound is low from the beginning and through the first several minutes at least. I couldn’t hear it at all.


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