The Owl Basket ~ Now In Knit!!! ~ 50% Off Limited Time


My owl basket has been request in a knit version ever since I published it in 2013.

Now that I’ve taken on knitting, I’ve designed a knit version as close to the crochet version as possible.

The best thing about it is that you know if I can make it just about any beginner can as well.

The basket is even sturdier than the crochet version by creating a double wall that keeps it standing whether full or not.

50% Off Now


Use promo code: owl50 to receive discount during checkout.*

*offer good until Sunday Jan. 31st 2016 midnight Pacific time.

The promo code works on Etsy and Ravelry. Craftsy does not have promo codes so the discount is already applied there.

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7 thoughts on “The Owl Basket ~ Now In Knit!!! ~ 50% Off Limited Time

  1. I have started knitting the owl basket and I am confused by the instructions. There is a jump from knit 60 stitches for 9″ or 18″, but there is no indication of when to start the decreasing, or if the decreases are done on both ends. Love the look and very excited to get going. Help


  2. I am a visual learner is there a full tutorial to make the owl basket I am having a hard time understanding the written directions alone


    1. Hi there, are you referring to the knit basket or the crochet? As for the crochet, I have videos for all the stitches and techniques used in the basket, but not a video for the basket specifically. For the knit, there is no video. 🙂


  3. In your owl basket, RND 1 states magic adjustable hook. What is it, never heard of that before.
    Am I suppose to chain 8 then HDC 8 times?


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