50% Off The New Entwined Basket

Make in any color you like.
Make in any color you like.


Whether you choose the single color or multi color option, these baskets are sure to be your favorite storage option for every room. You can create endless combinations to suit any decor.

Using super bulky yarn, these baskets work up extra quick to start your organizing right away.

50% Off This Week Only


Use promo code: basket50 during checkout to receive discount. Good on all websites listed above (except Craftsy, which does not have promo codes so the price reflects discount).*

*Offer good until Sunday, February 21st, midnight Pacific time.  

Buy Now From Your Favorite Shop


Note: I have a vendor for my patterns now, but am working on adding them all back in. Once they are up, they will again be an option to buy direct from this website. Plus they have a library feature so you can access them whenever you need.







4 thoughts on “50% Off The New Entwined Basket

  1. | | | |

    | | | Dear Deta, Would you possibly be willing to allow me to purchase not only the pattern, but also a/some basket/s  pre-made as well? 

    | | | |


    | | | | Yahoo Mail Stationery |



    1. Hi there, I wish I could, but I don’t sell the finished items of my patterns because it changes the tax structure of the business. Selling digital versus physical products brings in lots of extra things I Have to account for during tax season. So sorry about that. 😦


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