Messy Bun Beanie Free Pattern Workshop

messy bun beanie tutorial free pattern

It’s crazy how many people have asked me for a messy bun beanie tutorial in the last month.

I’ve whipped one up and it’s all ready to go. Using bulky weight yarn, this beanie took me under 2 hours from start to finish.

Any level of crocheter can work this beanie up in an evening.

Download the pattern and watch the free video tutorial here.

Lefties click here.

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6 thoughts on “Messy Bun Beanie Free Pattern Workshop

  1. Thank you for the excellent video! One question. I’d like to use “Go For Faux” on the brim. Would you use 2 single crochets in each stitch around since it isn’t a chunky yarn?


  2. I have never crocheted anything besides straight chains before. Your video and instructions are so great that I just finished this messy bun beanie! Thank you so much!


  3. I absolutely LOVE this pattern! The Tall Chain is amazing. I’m wondering if I can use it on any hat pattern that calls for a Ch 2 or Ch 3 at the start of a Round that isn’t included in the stitch count? Thanks for sharing this great pattern.


    1. Hi there, you can use it in the place of a CH 2 or CH 3, but remember that it doesn’t count as a stitch, so you will always need to add a HDC or DC in place of the CH stitches. 🙂


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