Craftsy’s Got Another 24 Hour Sale ~ Any Class Under $20


Just saw this in my inbox this morning and wanted to share it.

I love Craftsy classes and this is a great deal. Some classes go for over $50, so it’s a great opportunity to get one for cheap.

3 thoughts on “Craftsy’s Got Another 24 Hour Sale ~ Any Class Under $20

  1. I love there sales too! I just wished they would add more crochet classes like they do knitting classes. I have emailed them specifically for more crochet. They did respond with more classes are being added but no reference to my request for more crochet. Hopefully they will have more crochet classes.


  2. I just purchased your “tree of love” pattern and noticed that every other row is missing in the pattern. I’m not sure if I’m missing something or if the pattern is. I appreciate your help in figuring this out.
    Thank you


    1. Hi there, On row 3 you will see that it states for all odd rows you will single crochet in every stitch. 🙂 Since there are so many rows, I cut out all the odd rows since they are all the same instruction. 🙂


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