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New Exclusive Cashmere Level Pattern

It’s that time again. The Cashmere Level Patrons are receiving a new pattern.

The Burgeoning Beanie is a fun yet challenging project that will incorporate knit lacework into a delicate fingering-weight beanie.

Use self-striping yarn for a beautiful effect, or a solid color to show off the lacework even more. The pattern is FREE for all of my Cashmere Level Patrons over at Patreon. 

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I’ve just adjusted my tiers for Patrons to make it even easier to join and get exclusive content. Each of my three tiers come with their own benefits and they build upon each other to the final Cashmere level where you get everything plus the exclusive patterns! There are three exclusive patterns already released and much more to come.

When you join, you get all past content and get to shape the content to come. I will poll my Patrons for what they want next, whether it be an exclusive pattern or a free video tutorial. I want to hear from you!

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