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New Exclusive Patreon Pattern

New Exclusive Pattern

Farmer’s Market Bag

A new Patreon exclusive pattern has just been added for my Cashmere level patrons.

The Farmer’s Market Crochet Bag is a fun and easy tote that works up super fast with its open weave stitch work.

Quick reminder of what Patreon is.

Patreon is a subscription for people who want to support my endeavors by pledging a monthly fee in return for some extra perks. Beginning at just $1 a month and maxing out at $5 a month, each tier receives special incentives.

I release Cashmere level exclusive patterns that will only be available to my Patrons and won’t be released for sale for at least a year. And once released to the public, anyone who joins the Cashmere level will still get all of those past, present, and future patterns for free! Currently, there are four exclusive patterns available and many more to be added soon!

To learn more about Patreon and see my different tiers, OR join and get the patterns now, click the button below.

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