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Guess what I finally caved in and bought? That’s right the Clover Amour Crochet Hooks. There was a deal I couldn’t pass up on eBay.

Haven’t used them yet, but I will try them out tonight an let you know what I think shortly.

Do you own any Amours? Let us ( the readers and I) know what you think of them below.


  • Christine Galindo

    I used one yesterday for a project, it was ok but not sure I would call it my favorite. Maybe with the larger hooks “g” and up I will feel differently but wasn’t too impressed with the “c” hook.

      • emily hernandez

        Ok so i bought one of the clover amour hooks i bought what i thought was size G bought it was size 4.5 mm or size 7 not sure what letter it is. With that being said i used it and it work for my pattern and i really love how it feels and how it crochets. I am really glad i bought it i will be getting the rest.

      • crocheteverafter

        You got the elusive #7 hook. It’s the size between G and H. 🙂 I have no idea why it only has a number, but I’m sure it’s some great history lesson (I’ll have to look it up one day). I’m enjoying using the hooks so far. I’m giving it a few more days before I post my full review.

      • emily hernandez

        Well i am loving them i seem to go so much faster. Thanks for letting me know about the #7

  • emily hernandez

    oh ok thanks that helps alot i wanted the set with basic sizes g, h, j, i and so on
    but i will read the details. thanks again

  • emily hernandez

    how do you know which clover amour hooks to buy i went on line and there were several to choose from . i just want to order the right ones.

    • emily hernandez

      ok so as you can see my comment below. how do you know which set to buy i went on amazon and there were several sets. are they all the same

      • crocheteverafter

        Hi there, all the Amour hooks on Amazon are the same, some just come with a storage case. Also be sure the set you choose has the sizes you are looking for. It looks like Amazon only sells them individually or in the full 10 set, but check the description before ordering just to be sure you get the right sizes you want.

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