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Goodbye Costco… I’ll Miss You

Why can't you be everywhere?
Why can’t you be everywhere?

I’ve announced previously that I am moving soon. It is actually going to be sometime at the end of next month. It’s a military move, or for the military families in the know, we are PCSing.

The small little town in the middle of the desert we are moving to has very little in the way of shopping. It most definitely does not have a Costco, and today I made my final visit to my main staple buying store.

You see, my membership expires this month and renewing isn’t a wise option since we will be at our new base for at least a year with no Costco within a distance that all of my food won’t quickly spoil in the 100 degree heat.

Anyone who has ever walked into a Costco knows how addictive the bulk items and awesome priced home goods can be. I can buy a pound of butter, an HP printer and a pair of pants all in the same place. Mother’s of young children know how convenient this one-stop shopping can be. I will miss it dearly.

I love me some Costco and am sad to see it go. I’m not even going to start in on the fact there is no Target either, I might just start crying. Thankfully I’ll have a commissary (military speak for grocery store) that should make up for the lack of my favorite two stores. But I just had to share my ode to Costco to get it out of my system. Now back to packing.

Anyone else ever move and totally miss a store that no longer was around you? I’d love to hear about it. Share your story below and make me feel better about the Costco withdrawals I’m feeling already.


  • Jo Ann

    I too moved from Florida back to South Jersey in 1990 and there were no (and still don’t have) a Costco near the Atlantic City area. At least they just (this year) changed over my Walmart to a Super Walmart. And that Walmart is the only one in Atlantic County. So I can appreciate your concerns. In fact when the Walmart opened in approx 1993 as a small Walmart I was taken to the store in a guise that the store was not open yet but were allowing people to come in and see the store by my daughter and niece. I was so excited when I found out it was in fact open they laughed so hard they almost wet themselves.

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