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We Have a Bunny!

Bunny having breakfast.
Bunny having breakfast.

A bunny has been my daughter’s latest pet request (after dog, cat, and snake). She currently has a robo hamster (like a regular hamster, only smaller), so she knows she will have to wait a little bit before we get a bunny.

However, though I told her we couldn’t get a bunny yet, it didn’t mean a bunny couldn’t come to us.

Our desert landscape has done just that. My daughter spotted this little guy the other day and has been feeding it our bagged salad for the past few days. Though we aren’t getting close to the little guy (wild bunnies can be mean), it is a nice compromise to see a bunny until we can get one as a pet.


  • Ann Marie P.

    Deja, I have started the Moss Stitch Cowl and like the pattern. My question is this-I have many,many hooks but few large ones. The two N’s I have both say 10mm and I am confused. Should I use 9.00mm and what letter would that be, or go with the N-10mm?

    • crocheteverafter

      The higher sized hooks sometimes have different letter codes (different manufacturers) so always go with the mm size if the letter isn’t matching with your hook. The mm size will always be the same. 🙂

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  • Linda

    That’s a great idea. Not only does your daughter get to see the bunny but the bunny gets free meals.
    I had a lop bunny that someone deserted in a box. It was so much work but she was the cutest and smartest thing

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