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12 Days of Patterns for $1.20 ~ Day 9 ~ Owl Basket

Owl Basket Regular Price $2.99
Owl Basket
Regular Price $2.99

Today’s bargain is the Owl Basket

This monochromatic owl basket is simple and chic with a twist. It’s generous size (28 inches around by 12 inches high) can hold three full size rolled up towels. But don’t stop there! Use it to hold toys in the kid’s room, or odds and ends in the living room. Using thick yarn it is sturdy and can stand up on it’s own, yet can collapse flat when not needed.

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Today’s offer will be good until tomorrow, December 18, 8pm Pacific time. This promotion is not valid for previous purchases.


  • allison kolker

    I have a question about the eyes, this is probably a simple question but I’m confused about round 4: what does the extra DC mean at the end of the following, DC 2 times in next ST, DC (this part here)?

  • Rosie

    I am Bistitchual , mostly knitting , but I have crochet some dishcloths and drying mats . I just bought your Owl Basket pattern in the hope of thinking I might be able to make one . Problem is I can’t get pass row 3 . My st count is way off each time . I get the magic adjustable loop , but loose it after that. Do you not count the first loop made and the last loop left on the hook when counting 8sts ? I’m a bit confused on that in the whole 8st count. Next on row 2, I’m not sure where to start , in a video i watched it looked like the first st was passed over and you insert your hook into the second st ? Plus I watched one of your videos where on the next row you chain 2 on the first st of the next row before you yo , do you do this on the first st of every row ?

    With my knitting I use markers to guide me , can you tell me how to use markers so I know when a row starts or ends in the round?

    • Deja Jetmir

      Hi there, I actually have a video that goes through the first couple of rounds of the basket here:

      Each time you make a HDC that will be one stitch. This project is worked in spirals so there are no chain 2s at the beginning of each round (the video will show you how to do this), and then to use the stitch marker, you will insert it in the first stitch of each round (make the stitch, then enter the stitch marker in it) then when you come to the marker, you remove it and start the next round (just don’t forget to insert your marker again after the first stitch. :)Let me know if the video clears it up for you or what else I can help with. πŸ™‚

      • Rosie

        Thank you for getting back to so soon. This is going to be a ‘Thank you ‘ gift for my daughter and it’s my first crochet project that isn’t a dishcloth , so I may have more question for you as I go . Thanks for being there for me !

  • Denise McDonald

    I found the problem! My printer for some reason did not print out the number of rows. I printed it again and,bingo….problem solved! Thank you for your quick response!

  • Denise McDonald

    I purchased your pattern on Ravelry. I am having trouble with the basket not being high enough. Icounted the rows in the pattern and the rows in the picture and there are more rows in the picture than in the written pattern. My basket is not forming upwards and is more flat. I am using a bulky yarn and a 10mm hook. I am not new to crocheting and I am also a knitter. Help!

    • Deja Jetmir

      Hi there, sorry if you are having any trouble. What round are you on? It takes a few rounds of the even (same number of stitches around) stitches for the basket to start cupping up in to a bowl. The basket in the picture has the same number of rounds as the written pattern. You can see 17 visible rounds. The 9 not visible rounds are what make up the bottom of the basket. πŸ™‚

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