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KnitCrate January 2014 Intermediate/Advanced Knitter Kit Revealed!! Giving Away One of The Goodies Included!

Spoiler Alert!!!
Spoiler Alert!!!

If you are a Knitcrate subscriber and haven’t received your January 2014 package and don’t want to know what’s in it — DON’T read any further!

However, if you are curious to see what this whole Knitcrate is about. Get ready for the reveal.

As my previous post stated, I signed up for two yarn subscription services (Knitcrate and Yarnbox) and just received my first package today.

I knew it was coming because Knitcrate sends notification once it has been mailed so you can anxiously track your package until arrival. It was shipped USPS first class mail so it arrived in no time. Plus for Knitcrate!

I opened my mailbox and saw the standout packaging that you see above. Very secure. My daughter’s cute comment was, “I didn’t know yarn was so fragile” in reference to the bubble mailer.

Next, I carefully cut (remember there is yarn in there) my mailer open and this is the sneak peek I got.


Once unpacked I could get a better look at everything and inventory my haul.

Lots of stuff!!!!!!
Lots of stuff!!!!!!

As I said in my previous post, I would review my box as well as give approximate values for everything so I could see if it’s worth the money. Just in case you can’t stand the suspense, it’s totally worth the money. Keep reading to see why.

Here’s the rundown and approx. value for each item.

Super soft baby alpaca!
Super soft baby alpaca!

3 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Sportweight Yarn ($10.00 a skein)

  • 2 in color 511 (red color)
  • 1 in color 539 (blue color)
  • each skein is 100% baby alpaca
  • 110 yards per skein

This yarn is so squishy soft I can’t wait to make something with it. I’ve never had the pleasure to work with Blue Sky Alpaca so I’m looking forward to it. My first impression is great so I’ll do a follow up review once I actually crochet with it.

Under the yarn you can see a little picture.

It is the Pollen and Bubbles Pattern by Thea Eschliman Designs. ($5.00)

I have it covered up because there is a one time use promo code to download it for free from Knitcrate as well as other company promo codes that I will value below.

The actual pattern is adorable. I wish I was a better knitter so I could make it with the yarn supplied, but my loss is your gain because I will be giving away my promo code to one of you (more info below).

Other Promo Codes and approx. values are: (please don’t ask for the promo codes for these, I’m incredibly honest to a fault and wouldn’t feel right giving them away)

Reduced price for the Darling Mermaids eBook on Ravelry ($6.00 off)

Free S&H on the purchase of 5 or more hand blown glass custom buttons at (not sure value so I’ll go low at $5.00)

One free pattern at Toby Roxane Designs on Ravelry ($6.00)

Smells so good.
Smells so good.

Next in my crate was a 2 pc Gift Set from Honey House Naturals ($12.50)

It included a body lotion bar (it’s a solid you rub on your skin) in Hawaiian scent. I totally expected it to smell like Pina Colada, but it doesn’t at all. It’s a much more soothing scent. It’s really hard to describe, but I’m allergic to almost all scents (strong perfume makes me sneeze like crazy) and this stuff doesn’t bother me at all.

The other item is a lip butter in Tangerine. I put some on right away and I’m happy to report no weird aftertaste if you get it in your mouth and there is still some on after two hours. I would’ve never found this company on my own, so this was a great addition to my kit. I’ll definitely be back to their website.

Last but not least.
Last but not least.

Finally I received a sample label and a 15% discount code to Its Mine Labels for Life ($6.60 saving on a 100 pack of the labels above)

The label included is really big (5/8″ tall) so it was the most expensive on the site ($44 for 100), but I still think very reasonably priced for embroidered with graphics.

I think these are a great idea when gift giving. Including the content or care instructions for your handmade gift will ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Now I paid $55 for my Knitcrate (shipping was free — another plus for Knitcrate). When I add up the total of my contents I come up with an approx. value of just over $70. Even though I’m not a big knitter and won’t be using some of the knitter only promo codes I still found the value of the knitcrate to be worth it. Not only do I get to work with yarn I’ve never tried, but I found a wonderful company that makes scented items I can actually tolerate. I can’t wait to see what I get next month.

Now for the giveaway I talked about earlier. 

The Pollen and Bubbles Pattern by Thea Eschliman Designs is just too cute to go to waste in my pattern horde. I spend too much time crocheting to every learn knitting well enough to make it.

So for any of my readers that can crochet and knit you can win my free promo code and download it for yourself. All you need to do is leave a comment below about what you think about my Knitcrate haul this month to be entered. I’ll draw a random name on next Friday Jan. 24th, 2014 and you’ll win the free pattern.

Even if you’re a crochet only kind of person, but have ever wanted to try knitting this would be a great pattern to strive for down the road so don’t be shy about entering.

Also as promised, I’ll be working up something with the yarn I received this month so follow the blog to be the first to find out what it is.

Check out the video reveal here.


Let me know what you think