Broomstick Lace Shawl

Learn to make broomstick lace while making this easy and versatile shawl.

Download the pattern below the video.

If you need a “stick” here is the knitting needle I’m using.

Left hand instructions click here.

Broomstick Lace Shawl

Broomstick Lace Shawl Crochet Pattern Download


12 thoughts on “Broomstick Lace Shawl

  1. I did the pony tail crocheted hat today from your You Tube demo. How can I get the written pattern to keep.
    Thank you
    Agnes Longaker


  2. This is an absolutely beautiful shawl to make and so incredibly easy . I’m using a variegated yarn that’s called red hearts boutique unforgettable in the parirotcolor.. I’ve also tried it in the candied color, it turns out so pretty!


  3. The shawl is beautiful, and the tutorial makes it look easy. I have never heard of that yarn though. Is there something similar to it?


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