Cabled Owl Washcloth Workshop

The cabled owl has been knitted as far back as the 70s. Here is my version of a crocheted one.

Download the pattern below the video.

Left hand instructions click here.

owl washcloth

Cabled Owl Washcloth Crochet Pattern Download


32 thoughts on “Cabled Owl Washcloth Workshop

  1. Thank you so much for this great pattern. Thank you also for answering every comment and question. And you have done it for 3 years…Wow. I’ve seen many comment sections where the first few questions are answered and then there is no more word from the author ever.


  2. This is a fantastic tutorial and I CANNOT wait to implement it into my project. One question- I am making a crochet basket and want to add the owl to it. The basket is being made with HDC though. Do you think that will affect the outcome of the pattern if I continue using HDC? Thanks!


  3. Thank you for the video – pdf file combination! This pattern makes a beautiful washcloth, I’m very happy with the results. You are creative and inventive. For new observers of the video, I found enlarging to fill screen is helpful.


  4. Thank you ever so much Deja. I didn’t realize to scroll down below the info to get the pattern and now I have the pattern. It is just the cutest. I love it.


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