Hooded Scarf Free Pattern Workshop

Hooded scarf designed for boys and girls.

Great for kids who don’t like to wear hats, this combines the scarf and hat for an easy to take anywhere cover up.

Download the pattern below the videos.

Left hand instructions click here.

Hooded Scarf

Little Blue Riding Hook Scarf Crochet Pattern Download


9 thoughts on “Hooded Scarf Free Pattern Workshop

  1. Thank you so much for this video and free pattern. I crochet winter items for Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in SD, and your pattern is simple, and quick. Thank you.


  2. Is there a written pattern to make this hooded scarf for an adult? This would make a great gift for seniors and others who are not keen on hats.Thank you!


  3. so easy to make. I was actually apprehensive about making this simple hooded scarf and I have been crocheting for 50 years. I made the curly tails on top and added beads in the curly tails and it made it look cute.


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