Nitty Gritty Washcloth Workshop

This is an easy stitch pattern that creates an interesting washcloth.

Download the pattern below the video.

Left hand instructions click here.

washcloth pic 2 copy

Nitty Gritty Washcloth Crochet Pattern Download


18 thoughts on “Nitty Gritty Washcloth Workshop

  1. The washcloth “body” was a joy to make, thank you for your very clear instructions. I did have trouble with the edging. As a knitter who doesn’t crochet much, I was having trouble figuring out how to place the single crochets. I muddled my way through by relying on counting 24 single crochets per side. I think I did make some mistakes – the washcloth is not as even as I feel it should be. I had less trouble with the reverse single crochets, just need more practice with them, I think. I think I will try again to get it right. It does look nicer with the edging, and the washcloth itself was so much fun. Thanks!


  2. I am looking for some ‘rough’ yarn to crochet some scrubber type squares. Do you have any idea were I can locate someThank you in advance for your help!


      • Tulle is great for scrubbies! I buy the 3″ rolls from Michael’s but you can also just cut the 6″ wide roll in half.


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    • Sorry you are having trouble seeing it. It shows up on all of my devices directly below the video tutorial. It is in a “scribd” hosted window. Possibly your web browser may not support it. If you could tell me what browser you are using I will investigate it further. Thanks!


  4. Love your video, can’t understand why I can’t find the written pattern. Would love to make this wash cloth, so beautiful.


    • Sorry if you are having trouble finding it. It should be right below the video on this page. It is in a window (might take a little bit to load up) that has a download button. Is it not showing up on your end?


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