This was made from the yarn I received in my Knitcrate yarn subscription.

This is an easy cowl that works up fairly quickly. If you’ve never worked with sport weight yarn, now is the time to try. In the video I will also show you how to change colors without having to cut your yarn at the end of your row.

Download the pattern below the video.

Left hand instructions click here.


Chevron Infinity Scarf Cowl Crochet Pattern Download

13 thoughts on “Chevron Infinity Scarf Cowl

  1. I’m loving this pattern. I really want to leave it a scarf and not put it together and make or a cowl. Has anyone tried this or think it would work? I also have an idea to try and make CB the border color instead of CA. Has anyone tried this, or think that it might work. Any information, or suggestions would be greatly appreciate.


  2. Why does everything have to be downloaded? Why can’t the pattern be the first link I’m asked to click on?
    Some of your subscribers use our phones for internet, we don’t own laptops and tablets… just saying


    1. Hi there, the pattern doesn’t actually have to be downloaded. When you click on the link, it opens a new tab where the .pdf is visible. You can then download it from there if you want, or just read it and close it.

      The reason that the link does not go straight to the download is because all of my free patterns have video tutorials that accompany them. If the link were to go straight to the pattern, there would be no way to access the video tutorial.

      You don’t need a laptop to access the pattern, they are accessible from all types of devices. If you are having a particular problem, I would love to try to solve it for you.


  3. I loved this cowl but unfortunately I ran out of yarn about 15 rows short!
    I had to tear it all out and figure out another plan, because I wasn’t going to spend another $20.00 in yarn.
    Too bad, but a nice cowl! I had the rxCt number of yards too, so not sure what happened.


  4. Just found your site from a youtube search. So glad I did. This video made it so easy. Thank you for helping me. I plan to refer to your site often. I’m also pinning to my board.


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