18 thoughts on “Moss Stitch Beginner Cowl

  1. So your foundation sc length is your circumference, correct? When I lay out my foundation chain, without stretching it, should I have exactly the length I want or should I accommodate less for any stretching?


    1. Hi there, the foudation will be the circumference, but it can change as you start to work into it. That is why you want to check your gauge before you begin. It should stay relatively close, but you want to double check it as you work to make sure it is staying the correct size. 🙂


      1. I hadn’t checked my stitch count for at least 5 or 6 rows~~~ I’m getting fewer stitches!! Also my SC in CH 1 space isn’t coinciding w/ pattern instructions for rows 3 & 4??? What am I doing wrong??


      2. You are probably missing a stitch somewhere (possibly the last stitch of the row). Make sure to count each row as you go so you can make sure you aren’t missing any stitches. 🙂


      3. Thank you! I took out about 6 rows (or more) and got back to my original 54 stitches & then started counting each row & so far all is well❣️ Knew it was something wrong in beginning or ending of each row😊


  2. I’m just looking for clarification on hook size. it says 9mm (us- N) which is 10mm. Just wondering if it should he 9 or 10mm. thanks


  3. This video made me pick up my crochet hooks after almost 30 years. Thanks for the tutorial! You are a great teacher. A lot of my previous knowledge has come back and I’m into crochet again (I have made two cowls and 4 cuffs in a week: moss stitch combined with puff stitch). The foundation stitch was new to me and I got it right straight away as you explain it so well. Thanks again.


      1. For my son who wears a size 18 men’s shirt size. I started with 64 stitches bulky yarn and 9 mm. Hook? Loks big..help..and thanks


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