13 thoughts on “Ponytail Beanie

  1. I am brand new to the crochet world.. This is the first thing I made and it turned out Great all thanks to the video … so helpful.. Thank you so much.. I wish there were still shots of how to made the magic loop and slip stitch..


  2. Thank you for this great tutorial. Can you tell me, does this hat have any stretch or give? I mean if I don’t know the size of the woman I’m making it for, how much will it matter if I’m off an inch or so? Will the hat stretch a little to fit over almost any woman’s head? Thanks!


      1. I am very new to crocheting. Third item i am trying to make? Can I fix it? I know I can unravel but how do I know where a round starts if I went back to say round 10.


      2. You can fix it. If you didn’t mark the beginning of your rounds, you will have to slowly unravel. I would count down 11 rounds from the top and unravel to there. Then slowly unravel to round 10. πŸ™‚


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