17 thoughts on “Starfish Washcloth

  1. Hello! Deja, I have been making your sweet washcloth for several years now. It was the first thing I crocheted since my grandmother taught me to chain many years ago. It is easy, quick and so adorable! I love to give one or two with an embroidered dishtowel as gifts. Thanks for making this available!


  2. I have a question? Can I maybe turn this into a baby blanket? if so is there any conversions I need to do? I just finished the Star Fish dishcloth ty so much for sharing your hard work. Can’t wait to see more.


  3. This is an awesome project! I’m a beginner and my problem is that I can’t read written patterns yet. So I stick to videos for now. All the important details are pointed out in this video which is super helpful. I will use this little star as a decorative item or a hot pad, as I don’t really use washcloths (but it looked so pretty on the picture that I decided to make it anyway). I first tried to use acrylic yarn but it didn’t work out – cotton yarn is really essential here. Thank you so much for this tutorial! Maybe you have some tutorial on reading crochet patterns for dummies? ))


  4. I have just stumbled across your website, and signed up to follow and receive your blogs. I am very interested and intriqued to be able to take some time and really get to know you. I stumbled across the starfish washcloth tutorial and video and got quite excited. I love to learn new things and ideas, and am really looking forward to hearing from you and your blog. I am going to sit down tonite and watch the video and crochet along with you. Looking really forward to that, as doing this helps relax me, and I actually get quite excited. We need more people/teachers that will take the time to try to teach others. Thank you very much, Kelly


  5. Thank you so much for your tutorial. I’m very skilled at knitting, and very intimidated by crochet, mostly because I don’t know what hole to go into next. Your tutorial helped me figure it out and I’ve already made at least a dozen of these charming starfish washcloths. It’s a great project for when I’m out somewhere, and I can leave my complicated knitting at home. Thanks!


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