11 thoughts on “Tessa The Turtle Amigurumi

  1. I really want to thank you for this tutorial. I never thought I could make it, but I did! In fact, I did it a second time half of the size! I wish I could send you pictures! I live in Cuba and here it is not possible to find the eyes you used, so I had to “embroided” them and it werent so nice, but I am really glad anyway!!! Thanks!!!


      1. I had to use headphones and look very carefull to your hands, so I didnt misunderstand anything, ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again! And the embroided eyes are not so bad, ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Just want to say thanks for this great pattern! I just made this little cutie a couple of days ago, although I’ve have to still sew all the pieces together. It was easier than I thought it would be and I’m so thankful for you pattern! It was easy to understand and follow, I didn’t even have to use the video instructions! I thought I would, but it came out great so far! I did run out of my green yarn I was using and don’t have enough to make the tail, so I’ll just have to be a little more creative with that! I’m making this as a Christmas gift for my best friends daughter who loves the color green and loves turtles! How perfect!


      1. I finally finished Tessa! I got busy last Christmas and didn’t get a chance to finish her just recently, but just wanted to share it with you. I wanted to share a picture of her, but not sure if I can do that here? Or on Facebook?
        Thanks again for the great pattern! She came out so cute!


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