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February 2014: Heart Motif

In honor of Valentine’s Day a cute little heart motif.

Download the pattern below the video.

Left-hand instructions click here.


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Harmony Scarf


Skill Level: Intermediate
725 yards of Uru Yarn Speckled Singles in Undertow
– 100 grams/417 yards per hank
– substitute with any fingering weight yarn
Yarn or tapestry needle
Crochet Hook: 4mm [US-F]
Gauge: 4”= 17 STS and 10 rows
Finished Measurements: Approx. 9” across x 56” long


Special Instructions for Pattern:
– Read through the pattern before beginning.
– CH 3 counts as DC throughout.
– CH 4 counts as DC and CH 1 throughout.


Scarf Instructions

CH 43
Row 1: Turn, DC in 4th CH from hook (skipped CHs count as a DC), *CH 2, skip next 2 CHs, DC in next 3 CHs; repeat from * across to last 4 CHs, CH 2, skip next 2 CHs, DC in last 2 CHs.
Row 2: Turn, CH 1, SC in same ST as CH 1, skip next ST, *DC 5 times in CH 2 space of row below, skip next ST, SC in next ST, skip next ST; repeat from * across ending with a SC in last ST.
Row 3: Turn, CH 4, skip next ST, *DC in next 3 STS, CH 2, skip next 3 STS; repeat from * across to last 2 STS, CH 1, skip next ST, DC in last ST.


Row 4: Turn, CH 3, DC 2 times in same ST as CH 3, skip next 2 STS, *SC in next ST, skip next ST, DC 5 times in CH 2 space of row below, skip next ST; repeat from * across to last 4 STS, SC in next ST, skip next 2 STS, DC 3 times in last ST.
Row 5: Turn, CH 3, DC in next ST, *CH 2, skip next 3 STS, DC in each of next 3 STS; repeat from * across to last 5 STS, CH 2, skip next 3 STS, DC in last 2 STS.
Rows 6-141: Repeat Rows 2-5 ending with a Row 5 repeat. Do not fasten off.


Ruffle Edge

RND 1: With yarn still on hook, CH 1, SC evenly around entire scarf, SC 3 times in each corner to make turns. Join RND with SL ST in 1st SC of RND.
RNDs 2-5: Repeat RND 1.
RND 6: CH 1, SC 3 times in every ST around. Join RND with SL ST in 1st SC of RND.
RND 7-8: Repeat RND 1.
Fasten off, weave in ends and block if desired.


Abbreviations Used
CH- chain
DC- double crochet
RND- round
SC- single crochet
ST(S)- stitch(es)




  • Irene

    Hi! Your heart shape is the one I prefer the look of, out of all the hearts that I’ve searched for online. THANK YOU for doing a step-by-step video and the written pattern. I’m actually attaching a couple of these hearts on a little girl’s beanie for valentines’s 2015. It confused me at the very beginning when you said “turn” or when the pattern calls for “turn” because I was ending up on the opposite side of the heart point! LOL But then when I watched your video a couple of times, I realized you were working continuously all the way around the perimeter. I’ll be making lots more since V-day is coming up! Thanks again!!!!

  • Marilyn

    Is it necessary to have a 20 min. video on a simple heart motif like this?? How about just a pattern? I do appreciate your offering these cute patterns for free but it’s very difficult to copy the patterns when they’re all in the in the form of a video— this is such a beginning motif. I’m about to quit your site because of this!!

    • crocheteverafter

      Hi there, I appreciate the feedback, but if you scroll down on any of the free pattern videos that I offer, you will see the full written pattern available for download right below. I offer the video for beginners who aren’t very familiar with reading the patterns. Let me know if you have trouble finding the written pattern (you will need to click on one of the links in the post to get to the page with the pattern below the video). Thanks!

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