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January 2013: Traditional Granny Square

This tutorial will show you how to perform the basic granny square. I have also included a free pattern for a baby granny square blanket below the video. Using the tips in the video will make changing color and customizing your blanket super easy.

Download the pattern below the video.

Left Hand Instructions click here.

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f elegance to your creations. The smooth texture and vibrant hues make it great for scarves and shawls.



  • Cheryl

    Hello! For some reason, I can’t get this video (traditional granny square) to play through. It plays until 14 or so minutes and goes black. I’m bummed too, because I was looking forward to see how you weave in ends since mine always end up popping out of my work! Also: I hold my hook like a knife too (I’ve tried the pencil hold, but I cannot do it!). I’ve had some wrist pain recently and took a break and am now wanting to start back up but am going to experiment with my grip and yarn tension. The way you finger your yarn is very unique. Do you ever have hand/wrist/arm pain from crocheting?

    • crocheteverafter

      That’s so weird. It seems to work when I try the video. You could try clicking through to watch it on youtube, then it should definitely go all the way through. I don’t usually get wrist pain from the knife hold, but I do get it on my left hand when I’m doing amigurumi or anything where I need tight stitches. It’s from my funny way of holding my tension with just by first and middle finger, when I need to keep the tension tight I have to pull with those two fingers and after awhile it will start to hurt. I got some compression gloves from Joanns (with their 40% off coupon of course) that are helpful when I’m in pain (hard to do anything in them because they really compress), but I wear them for a day when it hurts and then the next day I’m good.

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