It’s Never To Early…

…to teach the importance of proper blocking.


Just do it!
Just do it!

hehe. 🙂


How I Block My Beanies

I get the question every once in awhile on how I block my beanies. So, I thought I would show you what I use in case you were wondering as well.

Hi, I'm Molly.
Hi, I’m Molly.

This is Molly, my mannequin head. I got her from Amazon. She is a cheap (don’t tell her I said that) styrofoam head that I use for blocking. Though she is a “adult female”, her head circumference and size is probably of a young girl. So when I block I make adjustments if needed.

Diamond Beanie Available Soon
Diamond Beanie Available Soon

Here you can see how much larger an adult size beanie fits on Molly. It  covers her entire face and then I pin the edges loosely around the neck area.

I am usually blocking a beanie to make it softer and to flatten out the brim. Molly is great for this because she keeps the shape of the beanie. If I were to lay it flat to pin out the brim, I can get a crease where it is laid flat.

So if you like Molly and want one of your own, she is usually can be found for under $10 US on Amazon. I think it’s worth it for the ease in blocking it provides. Let me know what you think. How do you usually block your beanies?

And if you like the beanie pictured, it will be in the shop by the end of the week. Follow the blog to get notification when it is available.

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Just Got This New Blocking Mat

I wanted to share with you a little video review of this new blocking mat I just bought. It’s called the Block and Roll by Bag Smith.

I first saw it at the Stitches West show a few years back and was intrigued with it. I like it’s portability and size, but the cost was a little high. I finally took the plunge and bought it and I’m very glad I did. I go more into what I like about it in the video below.

Do you have a Block and Roll? How do you like it, how well is it holding up? I’d love to hear below.

Is Soak’s Scentless Wash Really Scentless?

Soak Scentless Single Serving Packet
Soak Scentless Single Serving Packet

The fast answer — yes it is!

I received a single serving packet of Soak Scentless Wash with my Yarnbox subscription.

I wanted to try it out since I am usually very sensitive to strong smells. Even some “scentless” products that use a scent to get rid of whatever chemical they are trying to cover up will make me sneeze.

I was already a fan of Soak’s product. They are my go to blocking wash. So I knew this would work well, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Once this was put in the water I was going to block with, I couldn’t make out any smell at all.

It was truly scentless.

I imagine this will be a great product for anyone with sensitive skin as well.

Has anyone else given this a try? If you have sensitive skin, let us know what you think below.

You can check out a video of me trying out the soak on a project below as well.

Happy Holidays And Here’s A New Motif

Snowflake Motif  made in finger weight yarn
Snowflake Motif
made in finger weight yarn

Happy Holidays everyone!

I have a new Motif of the Month, perfect for winter time. It’s the Snowflake Motif.

Granny squares, doilies, and snowflakes have been around forever. Making a snowflake in crochet is one of those rights of passage every crocheter should try once, so don’t you think it’s time?

This snowflake (made in yellow so you can see the stitches in my video tutorial) is fairly traditional and easy to work up in less than a hour. The snowflake in the video is made with fingering weight yarn, but you can use crochet thread as well. Or even go worsted weight and make an applique for a beanie or scarf.

Just as cute in worsted, only bigger.
Just as cute in worsted, only bigger.

Plus if you’ve ever wondered how to get your snowflakes super stiff, I show you how to block with  spray starch at the end of the video. Click on any picture to go download the pattern and watch the video.

Lefties click here for your video version.

How to Use Blocking Wires on Straight Edged Projects

This new video tutorial I’ve put together will show you how to use blocking wires, also known as lace wires, to quickly block your straight edged projects. If you’ve never tried blocking wires before, watch this video and see how quick and easy it is to straighten out your edges without all the pins.