My New BQueen Collection Hook Arrived ~ Check It Out!!!

Which one did I choose?
Which one did I choose?

After trying out the BQueen Collection Dye Box, I fell in love with the hooks I saw on their website. I wanted to order one right away.

I sent my request to the awesome husband and wife team of Brian and Makenzie and they said, “just make another video and we’ll send you a hook.”

I said, “You bet!”

I chose my size and wood and told them which topper I liked and I left the rest up to them. I got a custom-made hook that I love so much! I’m not giving anything else away though. If you want to see which wood and design I received and all the awesome features of the hook, you’ll have to check out the video below.

Also, their dye box giveaway is still going on through June 20th so go sign up for their newsletter to be entered.

Come Dye With Me and Get 10% Off and Win A Dye Box !

The Dye Box
The Dye Box


I was sent a Dye Box from the folks over at BQueen Collection to try out and give my honest opinion.

What is a Dye Box you ask?

I’ll let BQueen break it down for you:

Our BQueen Collection Dye Box is a simple DIY kit for dyeing your own yarn naturally. By taking out some of the preliminary steps for you, we make it easy yet very rewarding to find color on a bare hank.


  • At least 100g of quality yarn, ready to dye (we’ll change up the fiber content and yarn weight too!)
  • Every month is a different surprise yarn color
  • Natural Dye, already measured out specifically for your yarn in a cute little cork bottle
  • Your dye tools, consisting of nitrile gloves, stirring utensils, and a paper cup for mixing


What they don’t tell you is how addicting this is. My surprise color was just that — a total surprise. I had no idea the color in the bottle would change so dramatically. Check out the video below for a full reveal of the box and see the color change.

It was so simple and so fun, I loved the process of seeing what I was going to get, not only in the box, but the yarn color that results from the dyeing. The package was so beautiful and well thought out. You really didn’t need anything extra besides the pot to “cook” your yarn in. Now I have a beautiful, high quality hank of yarn to make a project with.

The Dye Box is available as a  monthly subscription. This was such a great first dyeing experience, I would love to do it every month.

If you’ve ever wanted to try dyeing, or know someone who does, this would make an awesome gift. I think you will love creating your own custom hank.

They Don’t Just Sell Dye Boxes Either


They also sell crochet hooks!!!

There is a reason they call themselves the BQueen. If you notice the ends of each of the crochet hooks look just like queen pieces from chess. I have one of these on their way and I cannot wait.

You can choose your wood, hook size and topper and they will custom make the hook for you.

And if you notice in the picture, this may be the first wood hook that I know that does this, but they include a thumb rest on the hook so that you can easily orientate yourself without having to look at the hook. Such a great idea. I don’t have any other wood hooks that include this.

Didn’t You Say I Could Get 10% Off And Win A Dye Box?

You bet I did.

All you have to do is sign up for the BQueen Collection Newsletter here.

Once you confirm you email address, you will receive a 10% off promo code to use immediately and you will be entered to win a Dye Box.*

*The contest is open to everyone, wherever you live in the world and ends June 20th, 2016 so be sure to enter ASAP.

Now check out my reveal video and see some pictures of me dyeing the yarn below.*
*Note: the promo code is only for 10% off subscription boxes only, not $10 off (as I accidentally stated in the video). Sorry for any confusion.


Addi Swing Crochet Hooks – Ergonomic or Uneconomical?

I had bought an Addi Swing crochet hook in a size 3mm over a year ago. I bought it because it claimed it was ergonomic and would help with hand fatigue.

I finally got around to trying it out and made a video review of what I thought.

I unfortunately didn’t find the high price tag (over $13 US for one hook) translating into less pain. More like an awkwardly shaped handle that I couldn’t hold just right.

I’ve had this video review of my Addi Swing Crochet Hook up for almost a week now and find that many people share my sentiment — they just aren’t that comfortable to hold. Whether a knife or pencil grip, the ergonomic handle forces you to hold it a certain way, which for some reason doesn’t point my hook in the correct way to crochet.

Do any of you have an Addi? What do you think of it? Let us know below. 

Ever Wonder How Bright These Are?

A picture sometimes just doesn't cut it.
A picture sometimes just doesn’t tell you everything you need to know.

I purchased one of these Crochet Lites a couple of years back and just made a little video about it to share with you. I bought the hook out of shear curiosity as to how well it would work and how bright it would actually be.

I have found it to be useful in certain situations (which I talk about in the video), I have found it to be even more useful in other situations. I am working on a separate post right now that will show my next favorite way to use the hook. It will be up in the next day or two, so stay tuned.

Do you have a Crochet Lite? How do you like it? What do you use it for?

My Mini Review of the Clover Amour Crochet Hooks

Amour on top, Soft Touch on the bottom
Amour on top, Soft Touch on the bottom

If you’ve been following along on the blog, you know that I’ve been lusting after the Clover Amour Crochet Hook . I finally broke down and bought 6 different sizes, and I wanted to share what I’m loving about them and what the jury’s still out about.


1. The Colors

I love colorful things, and having each hook size in it’s own candy colored hue is visually appealing to me. This was the number one reason why I bought these. I usually choose decor items that make me smile (hence my cow taking a shower bath print), so when I can find pretty and practical things it’s like an awesome twofer.

2. The Length

If you notice in the picture above, the Amour hook is slightly longer than the Soft Touch — not only in body length, but in shaft length as well. Having the longer shaft really helps on those stitches where you do multiple yarn overs or keep multiple loops on your hook as you work (ie. my 5 DC bobble).

3. The Hook

The actual hook is of course the most important part of the whole thing. If it doesn’t push through stitches easily and grab yarn without splitting it or get caught on it, nothing else would matter.

When I crochet with the Amour, I can’t tell a difference between it and the Soft Touch. If you like the point and grab of a Soft Touch you will not be dissapointed by the Amour. It slides easily through any yarn and is not too pointy at its tip, so you won’t split yarn easily nor stab yourself when you need to help your hook through a tight spot.

4. The Handle

The elastomer rubber handle is very comfortable to hold. Like the Soft Touch it has a wide base that is easy to hold. I want to say that the little dark brown soft spot on the Soft Touch is the same material the whole Amour hook is made out of, but don’t quote me on it. However, if you’re wondering what the handle feels like, that is what it is closest to.

Jury’s Still Out On

1. The Handle

Yes, I like the feel of it, but I’m worried that the rubber’s texture could change over time. If it is made of the same material as the soft spot on the Soft Touch (say that 5 times fast) then I know that the rubber will hold up because I’ve been crocheting with the Soft Touch for years with no change in it’s texture.

However, with the larger surface area, I don’t know if oils and other crud that comes off of my hands could alter it down the road. I’ll keep you up to date with any changes that show up (if any) as I keep working with them.

2. The End of the Hook Handle

The rubber extends about a half inch past the rigid hook interior of the handle, so you can actually bend the end of the handle.

I worry about this because my kids have an uncanny knack of knowing exactly how to break anything they put their hands on. So I might give them one of the hooks just to see how much bending power they can put to it and see if the end breaks off.

These two last points are of course going to be found out with time, but overall I love these hooks as much as the Soft Touch. The wonderful colors and softness of the handle make them edge above slightly. As long as the the two above concerns don’t ever pan out, then my new go-to hooks (when I inevitably lose one to my hook gremlin) will be the Amour.

I also made up a little video with the comparisons above (and show how bendy the end of the hook is). You can check it out here.

If you’ve been using the Amour please let us know what you think and if you’ve had any problems with the handles.


Guess what I finally caved in and bought? That’s right the Clover Amour Crochet Hooks. There was a deal I couldn’t pass up on eBay.

Haven’t used them yet, but I will try them out tonight an let you know what I think shortly.

Do you own any Amours? Let us ( the readers and I) know what you think of them below.