Hot Pants Indeed!


How could hot pants be made hotter you ask?

Well add a trench coat and pantyhose up to your bra and you’re ready for summer.

Wait… that doesn’t seem right.

They weren’t trying to be literal about the pants being hot were they?

Either way I love me some crocheted pants. They are good for a smile any day.

Crochet Pants. Best. Design. Ever.

I love crochet pants!
I love crochet pants!


I don’t know about you, but whenever I see crochet translated into pants, it makes me smile. Maybe because I know that if you actually making pants that aren’t see through the resulting fabric will probably be something like cardboard when worn.

Even the poor boy from this ad can’t help but grin at the situation he’s in with this 3 pc outfit. Or he’s smiling through the pain and just wishing the photographer’s assistant hadn’t double knotted the earflap hat so he could pull it off and cool down a bit.