New Patterns Sale ~ This Week Only

Two new knit patterns to complement two old crochet patterns.

50% Off All Of Them!!

plaid 1

Knit Waves of Plaid Beanie

wave 1

Crochet Waves of Plaid Beanie

mix 1

Knit Mix Tape Beanie

mix tape 1

Crochet Mix Tape Beanie

New knit versions of the old crochet favorites!

All the above picture are linked and will send you to where the discounted price is already applied.

If you’ve previously purchased the crochet versions of the beanies and would like the new improved crochet format, contact me and I will email you a new copy.

If you prefer Etsy or Ravelry, click the links below and use promo code: NEW50 to receive 50% off one or all patterns shown.

Sale good through Sunday, August 27th, 2017 midnight Pacific time.

etsy logo
fair isle tutorial

How To Change Color

Never tried Fair Isle Crochet. I have lots of video tutorials to help you. Check out the first in the series here.


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Braided Cowl ~ On Sale This Week Only

This braided cowl may look difficult, but with the detailed photo tutorial you’ll have yours finished in no time.

This beautiful cowl is warm as well as stylish.

50% Off Now

Use Promo Code: cowl50 during checkout to receive discount.*
*Offer good until Sunday, June 7th, 2015 midnight Pacific time.

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April Showers Bring…. You Know

Pansy Motif

Pansy Motif

Flowers of course! Here is cute little pansy for the newest free Motif of the Month. Super fast to work up with only two rounds.

Download the pattern and watch the video here.

Lefties click here.

Hanging Baskets to Eat Your Stuff ~ 50% off This Week Only

Monster Hanging Baskets

These two creatures are here to hold your stuff!

Using super bulky weight yarn, the pattern works up super quick and can easily be adapted to change the look of your monster. Or leave the eyes off and have a normal hanging basket.

These monsters can hold magazines, remotes, phones, yarn, and anything else you can stuff in their mouths.

You’ll receive instructions for two different sized baskets.
The large one measures: approx. 15” across (when laid flat) x 17” tall (without hanger)
And the small is: approx. 7” across (when laid flat) x 9” tall (without hanger)

Use promo code: monster50 during checkout to receive discount.*

*Offer good until Sept. 28th, 2014 midnight Pacific time. 50% good only for pattern listed.
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New Free Pattern ~ Ponytail Beanie

Wear a ponytail and a beanie at the same time!

Wear a ponytail and a beanie at the same time!


The newest free pattern is a viewer request.

She wanted a beanie with a hole for her ponytail. The video tutorial shows you how to make this as well as telling you how you can turn this into a beanie with a fold-up at the bottom.

Download the pattern and watch the video tutorial here.

Lefties click here.

50% Off This Week ~ A New Pattern For Fall

The Blossom and Broomsticks Infinity Scarf is the newest pattern in my shop. I wanted a cute and lightweight scarf that transitioned well from summer to fall and this is what I came up with.

However, if you change the yarn recommended to a wool, then you’ll have a great scarf to transition from fall to winter. 2-fer!!

The “dropped stitch” effect is made with broomstick crochet.

Never tried broomstick crochet? No problem!

The pattern includes an exclusive step-by-step video tutorial on the full pattern repeat. You can learn broomstick as you go.


Use promo code: scarf50 during checkout to receive the discount.


It’s 50% off right now through Sunday, Aug. 31st, 2014 midnight Pacific time.


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New Free Pattern Time! Broomstick Lace Shawl

I recently made a Broomstick lace tutorial, but wanted to give you a pattern to go with it. Here is the Broomstick Lace Shawl. It is a pretty easy shawl once you pick up the broomstick part. It’s great for anytime of year and drapes so well you can wear it like a scarf too.

Spoiler alert: A new giveaway will be up tomorrow, and from the pictures above and the beginning of the tutorial video will give you some hints as to what it is. Be sure to follow the blog if you’re not already, so you get first notice when the giveaway gets posted.

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Check out the free pattern video tutorial here.

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New Scarf Pattern ~ 50% Off ~ This Week Only

Skill Level: Easy

This scarf is made with one skein of a self striping light weight yarn and has a cute heart lace pattern. It is great for a child or adult.

A simple pattern made from chains and double crochets you will want to make one for every friend you have. This piece is great for anytime of year.

The pattern include a written pattern as well as a stitch diagram. There is also an exclusive step-by-step video tutorial that you can link to right from the pattern in case you need extra help.

50% off promo code


Use promo code: heart50 at checkout to receive discount.

Offer good until Sunday, July 27th, 2014 midnight Pacific time.

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Motif of the Month July 2014: Diamond Granny


July 2014: Diamond Granny

July 2014: Diamond Granny

This month’s motif of the month was a last minute viewer request.

She had asked for a diamond shaped granny “square”. So I worked up a simple change to a normal granny square to make this shape a true diamond.

I also show a different way to weave in your ends this month.

Using a latch hook (here is the one I use if you’re not sure what a latch hook is) instead of a yarn needle, you can weave in any size yarn fast and easily.

The video will show you how it works.

You can download the pattern and watch the video here.

Lefties click here.

New Free Pattern ~ Triangle Neckerchief or Head Scarf ~ Your Choice!

This new pattern is a 2fer!

One pattern will get you not only a cute neckerchief, but also a handy head scarf.

Using linked double crochet this easy project will give you a solid, yet thin fabric. Plus it is a single row repeat, so it’s perfect to take on any upcoming trips.

Download the pattern and watch the video tutorial here.

Lefties click here.

You can also watch a review I did on the yarn used. This is from the Zealana company (the one’s who use brushtail possum.) It’s called Air and it’s really fantastic to work with. Check out the full review right below.