Stovepipe Cowl ~ Desert Chic

Great for sand and snow!
Great for sand and snow!

It was a very windy day in the desert yesterday.

Unfortunately, everyone on base does not get a “sand day” and have to contend with the stinging sand blowing so thick you can barely see 30 feet in front of you.

That is when my husband sent me this shot of him sporting one of my Stovepipe Cowls.

He had found it in his truck when looking for a solution to block his face from the sand while on the range.

Added bonus — it just happened to be a color that worked great with his uniform!

I love when crochet comes to the rescue!


We Have a Bunny!

Bunny having breakfast.
Bunny having breakfast.

A bunny has been my daughter’s latest pet request (after dog, cat, and snake). She currently has a robo hamster (like a regular hamster, only smaller), so she knows she will have to wait a little bit before we get a bunny.

However, though I told her we couldn’t get a bunny yet, it didn’t mean a bunny couldn’t come to us.

Our desert landscape has done just that. My daughter spotted this little guy the other day and has been feeding it our bagged salad for the past few days. Though we aren’t getting close to the little guy (wild bunnies can be mean), it is a nice compromise to see a bunny until we can get one as a pet.