Geometric Facets Organizer 50% Off This Week Only

The Facets Organizer is the perfect geometric catchall for all your little knick knacks.
It’s also the perfect holder for your favorite succulent.
Using super bulky yarn, the organizer works up fast and stands on its own.
The pattern includes a chart.

facet 1

Facets Organizer ~ Geometric Catch All

facet 2

Great Succulent Holder!

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Sale good through Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 midnight Pacific time.

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There’s Still Time To Make A Cobweb Shawl Before Halloween


Free Pattern and Video

The perfect accessory for your spooky costume this year.
Download the free pattern and watch the free video tutorial here..

Paint Your Own Ceramic Yarn Bowl



50% Off A New Blanket Pattern Plus Two New Free Video Pattern Tutorials

Lazy Cable Blanket
Lazy Cable Blanket


The new knit lazy cable blanket is true to its name. The ambling cables twist their way slowly across the blanket to add fantastic texture without a lot of work.

The afghan includes full written instructions as well as a chart.

Using super bulky yarn, this blanket works up super quick.

50% Off This Week Only


Use promo code: lazy50 during checkout to receive discount. Good on all websites listed below (except Craftsy, which does not have promo codes so the price reflects discount).*

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Now For The Freebies!!


The Rainbow Baby Blanket is now a free pattern with a video tutorial to go with it!

The open shell stitch creates a wonderful texture any baby will love to grab on to.

Download the pattern and watch the video here.

Lefties click here.

Octopus Free Crochet Pattern Tutorial

The second free pattern was something I asked my Facebook followers about.

I’ve been reading some articles where NICUs are using crochet octopuses to comfort the babies. They believe the tentacles remind the baby of being in the womb with the umbilical cord. Plus the tentacles keep the baby from pulling on the wires they might have connected to their tiny bodies. It is really amazing!

Facebook said, “YES!” when I asked if they would like a pattern and video to help support, so here it is. Of course, I’m not a medical expert, so ask your local hospital if they would like these before donating.

Bonus use though: my cats love this! It’s made in one full piece so no worry of the tentacles coming loose.

Download the pattern, watch the video and get some links to news articles about the octopuses here.

Lefties click here.


Some New Video Tutorials And Free Patterns

I’ve added a couple new free pattern tutorials and a special tutorial all about gauge!

New Free Patterns


The My Flower Garden Scarf and…


the My Butterfly Scarf are now free!

These two cute scarves are the perfect accessories for fun-loving little girls.

Download the pattern and watch the video tutorial for the Flower Garden here.

Lefties click here.

Download the pattern watch the video tutorial for the Butterfly Scarf here.

Lefties click here.

Last but not least…

If you are still trying to understand gauge, what it is, why is important, why is it on a yarn ball band, how do I get it?

This video tutorial will cover all of that. This video will teach you all about gauge, so your next project will fit perfectly.

Painting Basics

You Get A Free Cowl ~ You Get A Free Cowl ~ Everyone Gets A Free Cooooowwwwlllll!!!

The High Fidelity Cowl is not from the 8 One Skein Cowl ebook I’m converting into free patterns. It is a part of the paid to free project I told you previously about.

It is, instead, a part of the paid to free project I told you previously about.

Either way, it’s free!

This cowl is fun because you can really customize it by making the stripes in any color you like.

Download the pattern and watch the free video here.

Lefties click here.

New Crochet Kits at

Free Motif of the Month ~ Cobweb

August 2016: Cobweb Motif
August 2016: Cobweb Motif

I call this motif the cobweb because it reminds me a cobweb in it’s design. The motif uses back post double crochet to create the color bursts and cobweb effect. I used varigated yarn, but you can change up the pattern with solid colors (black and grey would be a great Halloween blanket).

I go through the back post double crochet very slowly, so if you’ve never tried this stitch before, this is a great tutorial to finally try a post stitch.

Download the free pattern and watch the video tutorial here.

Lefties click here.

Hop On The New Motif Of The Month


The Lily Pad Motif, is a great 3 dimensional motif that uses the popular crocodile stitch to make the petals of the flower.

The free video tutorial will show you exactly how to make the crocodile stitch, which is deceptively simple.

Download the free pattern and watch the video tutorial here.

Lefties click here. 

New Year, New Motif

Flower in a Square Motif
Flower in a Square Motif

I really like this new motif. The flower has a 3D effect that is really cool.

Plus there is no sewing!

The square is crocheted right into the flower.

Sound hard?

It’s actually quite easy, especially with the free video tutorial.

Click to download the pattern and watch the video tutorial.

Lefties click here.

The Piggyback Stitch


The newest Learn A Stitch Washcloth is an interesting and easy variation of the half double crochet stitch.

The piggyback stitch is aptly named because one half double piggybacks onto another to create this unique texture.

The video will walk you through the piggyback process while making a useful washcloth.

Click here to download the pattern and watch the free video tutorial.

Lefties click here.