Knit Picks Is Giving Away Free Yarn


I love me some Knit Picks and right now you can try some great yarns by doing some shopping. See the details below. I think I’m going to try some Super Tuff Puff.


Get A Super Cute FREE Tote From Knit Picks


Knit Picks is having another free with purchase promotion. These totes are super cute, don’t you think? Which one is your favorite?


I’m partial to the superpower tote. Makes me feel less guilty about my own stash.


Get Free Wonderfluff From Knit Picks

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It’s a sheep!

It’s an alpaca!

It’s Wonderfluff!

I love the name of this yarn. Wonderfluff! Try it now for free by heading over to Knit Picks and doing a big of shopping.*

*Ends 10/19/2016 so don’t dawdle!



My Next Set Of Crochet Hooks

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Knit Picks Rainbow Crochet Hook Set

Knit Picks is my go to website for affordable fantastic yarn. Now it is my go to place for affordable fantastic crochet hooks.

I just got my newest Knit Picks catalog in the mail today and was so stoked to see this set in the pages. The Rainbow Crochet Hook Set is only $9.99.







9 hooks for the price of less than two of the Clover Amour!

Can’t talk now, have to go buy…

<a target=”_blank” href=”;u=974695&amp;m=60450&amp;urllink=&amp;afftrack=”><img src=”; border=”0″ /></a>

Had To Share

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If you need to restock your Chroma collection, or just want to go browse, Knit Picks has a giveaway with purchase going on right now.

I love a free gift and wanted to make sure everyone had an opportunity to check it out.

Click here to check it out.


Chroma Color Reveal ~ Sandpiper

Nice and subtle colors.
Nice and subtle colors.

Here is the next of the new Knit Picks Chroma color reveal.

This color is called Sandpiper and like some of the new Chroma, it seems that the colors are randomized rather than continuous or mirrored.

The colors are very beautiful in person, it reminds you of an overcast day at the beach, everything muted and slightly dark.

I chose the Sandpiper to remake my Textable Gloves. I wanted something more winter colored instead of bright and I love how they turned out.

Just like the other patterns I have revealed in the new colors, this will be up on Knit Picks website in the coming future, but you don’t have to wait if you like the look. You can purchase the pattern here, and the yarn here.

Chroma Color Reveal ~ Weather Vane

Knit Picks Chroma in Weather Vane
Knit Picks Chroma in Weather Vane

Here is the first of four new Knit Picks Chroma colors that I have received. The color is “Weather Vane” it’s worked up into the Diamond Lace Infinity Scarf and as you can see from the picture that the color changes are very unique.

Rather than continuous color changes (ie. red, orange, yellow, red, orange, yellow) or mirroring coloring changes (ie. red, orange, yellow, orange, red), the yarn has a random color change. There are all harmonious but there is no clear pattern.

I like the look and am interested to see if the other yarns are the same way or if each color has it’s own unique patterning to it.  I will keep you updated with each project I finish. The pattern kits aren’t available in the Knit Picks website yet, but you can purchase the pattern here and the yarn through this link if you like the look. The kits aren’t discounted, they just provide you with everything you need on one page, so don’t worry about buying it early.

[shoplocket id=ECDW6 w=355 h=325]


New Chroma Colors!

Knit Picks has just released new colors of Chroma and I’ve got my hands of four of them.

I’m remaking a few of my patterns in the new colors so I can sell them on Knit Picks website, but I’m also excited to see these new color runs.

I’ll be posting the projects along with a video review as soon as they are complete so you can see how the colors work up in crochet. So stay tuned to see the awesomeness.

Have you tried the new colors in Chroma? Let us know what you think about them below.