New Way To Work Double Crochet

This actually isn’t new, but it might be new to you. It’s called a linked double crochet.

This stitch is for anyone who doesn’t like the gaps in between normal double crochet stitches but love how fast it works up (compared with the more dense single crochet).

Normal double crochet with gaps in between each stitch.
Normal double crochet with gaps in between each stitch.

The linked double crochet does exactly what it’s called. It links each previous double crochet with the next to create a completely closed (yet surprisingly thin) fabric.

Swatch of linked double crochet.
Swatch of linked double crochet.

As you can see in the photo above the linked double crochet is completely closed in between the stitches. The resulting fabric is just as tall as a normal swatch of double crochet and requires just a change in one step so it will work up just as fast as regular double crochet.

This stitch can be used wherever you would normally use double crochet but want a closed fabric. I don’t say denser fabric because the resulting fabric is about the same thickness as regular double crochet. This stitch pulls each of the double crochets apart to meet each other rather than bulking them up to close the gaps. It’s really a cool stitch that is under utilized.

Check out the video below on how to work it and lefties can click here to see their version.





Where are the new videos?

Funny story, I was making my husband some coffee (he drinks espresso) and when I went to release the pressure by opening the top where the water goes in, the escaping steam burned my thumb — my right hand thumb, the one that is most prominent in my videos. So what does that have to do with videos? Well, when I burned it, it swelled up, and now the skin is peeling off. It’s not horribly disfigured or anything, but it’s not pretty to see a close up of either. So I haven’t been able to make any new videos for the past couple of weeks.

So in the mean time, I’ve been getting all the old videos switched to left hand and I’ll be editing some new videos that I was saving for colder weather. So here is the next left hand updated video. Thanks for your patience!

Get Down to the Nitty Gritty… on the Left

Here is the latest video to be made available for the left handed crocheter. It is the Nitty Gritty Washcloth, a great textured washcloth that features a crab edging (also known as reverse single crochet). It is already available for the right hand crocheter here if you would like as well.