Bobble Flower ~ Newest Motif of the Month

Bobble Flower
Bobble Flower

The newest motif of the month is a super fast open work flower made with fun and easy bobbles.

Never made a bobble? No worries. I walk you though it step-by-step in the free video tutorial that accompanies the free written pattern.

Download the pattern now!

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Free Motif of the Month ~ Cobweb

August 2016: Cobweb Motif
August 2016: Cobweb Motif

I call this motif the cobweb because it reminds me a cobweb in it’s design. The motif uses back post double crochet to create the color bursts and cobweb effect. I used varigated yarn, but you can change up the pattern with solid colors (black and grey would be a great Halloween blanket).

I go through the back post double crochet very slowly, so if you’ve never tried this stitch before, this is a great tutorial to finally try a post stitch.

Download the free pattern and watch the video tutorial here.

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Hop On The New Motif Of The Month


The Lily Pad Motif, is a great 3 dimensional motif that uses the popular crocodile stitch to make the petals of the flower.

The free video tutorial will show you exactly how to make the crocodile stitch, which is deceptively simple.

Download the free pattern and watch the video tutorial here.

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Motif of the Month and 4th Month Knitcrate Newbies

I’ve been busy this past month remodeling our kitchen, pantry and laundry room (still not done). So, though I did upload the motif of the month yesterday (which was the last day of April), I only had time today to put out a post today. So here is the “April” motif:


This is the Traveling Square Motif and it’s made with super bulky yarn. I used a smaller hook to make it very dense and warm. You can use a larger hook to give more drape to the square.

Click here to download the free pattern and watch the accompanying tutorial.

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Knitcrate Newbies 4

I also got my latest Knitcrate Newbies and made the project (twice). Check out the video below to see what I got and how I did making the project.

February’s Motif ~ A Happy Little Rainbow

February 2016: Happy Little Rainbow Motif
February 2016: Happy Little Rainbow Motif

This motif reminded me of a little rainbow. It’s can be made into whatever size you want. Watch the video tutorial to see how.

Click here for video and pattern download.

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New Year, New Motif

Flower in a Square Motif
Flower in a Square Motif

I really like this new motif. The flower has a 3D effect that is really cool.

Plus there is no sewing!

The square is crocheted right into the flower.

Sound hard?

It’s actually quite easy, especially with the free video tutorial.

Click to download the pattern and watch the video tutorial.

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3rd Annual Snowflake Motif Is Here!


It’s December which means it’s snowflake time for Motif of the Month!

Here is the third installment and I love how easy and fast this one works up. Plus it is so dense that it doesn’t need blocking if you don’t want to do it.

Download the pattern and watch the free video tutorial here.

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November Motif of the Month

Regal Diamond

Check out the new free Motif of the Month.

The Regal Diamond will look great in a triangle shawl, or turn it so it’s a square and make a beautiful blanket.

Download the pattern and watch the video tutorial here.

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We Finally Made It!!

2553 miles…

8 days…

8 states…

8 hotels…

2 cars…

2 kids…

2 guinea pigs.

We have finally arrived in Maryland, our new home state. And without fail, I have the newest Motif of the Month hours before the end of the month.

Daisy Square Motif
Daisy Square Motif

The Daisy Square Motif is an easy, breezy motif that uses very little yarn for how big the motif turns out.

Download it now and watch the video here.

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