Moving Sale!!!

I’m moving… AGAIN!!!

And this move, I’m clearing out the clutter. So my large collection of crochet (and some knit and plushie) magazine back issues are going.

I’ve got them listed on Ebay right now. All auction style and starting at .99 for each item. I’m shipping them out via media mail, so anyone who gets multiple listings will get combined shipping. There are over 100 magazines and pattern booklets to choose from so be sure to check them out now because the auctions end on Sunday. If you have any questions about any of the listings you can leave them below or contact me through Ebay.

I’ll let you know more about the move in coming posts (including which state I will end up in next).

Check out all the auctions here.


Other Uses for Crochet Skills

a little tangle (AKA yarn barf)
a little tangle (AKA yarn barf)

While moving this past week I found a new use for my de-tangling yarn skills — moving twine and rope untying.

You see, my husband is Navy and therefore skilled at tying some pretty elaborate knots. He decided to put these skills to use on our moving van. As we began to unload, I realized the endless hours of untangling yarn barfs made it extremely easy for me to untie the dizzying amount of knots he had created to keep our web of furniture secure in the van. So the next time you curse that yarn barf, think of it as practice for the next time you move.

We made it… sort of

Finally here!
Finally here!

We are all moved! Kind of. Most of our stuff made it — we actually had slightly more stuff than truck. Now the hubbs is flying back up to pick up the rest and our other car. I did marathon unpacking yesterday and am almost done with the inside of the house and all things crochet. So new videos, patterns and other things should be arriving shortly.

The Move So Far

So if you’ve been following along, you know that I’m moving. Today is/was move day and we did not quite finish. Unfortunately, the day we decide to move is the day it decides to rain for the first time in months. That slowed us by a lot and now we are calling it a night. Thankfully we don’t have anywhere to be at a specific date so we have some wiggle room.

So why am I telling you this you ask?

Just in case you need me for a question or some help, I might be a little slow in answering. It’s now 8pm and I’m just getting around to answering all my emails from today. So I’m super sorry for any delays, but tomorrow will probably more of the same (there is a 50% chance of rain again, so who knows when we will finish). Send no rain vibes my way if you can!

Countdown is on.

17 days to be exact.

Okay everyone, I’ve got less than 3 weeks left to move. In the mean time I’ll be adding a few things here and there (at least one new pattern, maybe more). However, for the most part, I’m packing up my yarn and goodies so new videos will be few and far between.

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up so you didn’t think I was checking out.  I will still be here to answer questions and I’m coming up with some good stuff to add once I get all settled in. New free pattern videos, new patterns for the colder months coming and some great ideas for crochet related uses for ordinary objects around your house. I will also be adding the next installment for those interested in self-publishing.

If you don’t want to be out of the loop, start following the blog now and get notified when the new things are added.