I Need More Buckets!!!

Must. Buy. More. Popcorn.
Must. Buy. More. Popcorn.

I’m working on an intarsia project and have run out of my popcorn buckets!

In case you aren’t familiar with intarsia, it is a technique where each new color of a crochet project is added in with a new skein (for a big area) or a small ball (for a small area). I’ll be adding some video tutorials on this technique very soon (you can see on my list I’ve had a request for it).

I’ve added five skeins so far (it’s a big project — can’t tell you what though, might enter it for the CGOA design competition) and I’ve run out of my very useful souvenir buckets.

These buckets are great for transporting my project and easily untangling my yarns when I turn my work. Those are Red Heart Super Saver skeins in there so you can get a feel for their size. I had failed to mention how useful they are in easily untangling your yarn in my previous post so I thought I would add that in now.

Thankfully I’m heading to Disneyland next week so I can pick up a few more and get back to work on my project.


Transforming Impractical Items Into Useful Tools #1: Souvenir Popcorn Bucket Yarn Holder

We really love Disneyland popcorn!
We really love Disneyland popcorn!

Here is my first in a series of using forgotten items around your house and transforming them into useful needlework tools.

Ever buy that souvenir bucket of popcorn, caramel corn, or whatever your favorite amusement park was hocking? As you can see, I have — a lot.

Though I do actually reuse these to hold the kid’s microwave popcorn, I found another way to use them — yarn holders.

The picture above shows how useful these buckets can be. I have stuffed the bottoms of them to show my balls of yarn for the picture’s sake, but these will easily hold a whole skein of balled, or non-balled up yarn.

The Disneyland buckets also come with reusable tops (not pictured) that snap into place. If you have a drill handy you can punch some holes in the center of those to run your tails through to make managing multiple colors a breeze. Just like the yarntainer below, these buckets will keep your yarn from rolling around your floor and give use to an otherwise forgotten souvenir.

This yarn container costs more than the bucket (with popcorn) and has no nostalgia attached to it.
This yarn container costs more than the bucket (with popcorn) and has no nostalgia attached to it.

So the next time you’re at Disneyland, put down the mouse ears that you’ll never wear outside of the park again and get something really useful — the souvenir popcorn bucket.

Just remember to wash it before you stick the yarn in it.